In The Diary Of A Sexual Addict Part 1


This is an excerpt of my true life story of overcoming lustful desires and my advise to those in deep sexual sins…………………..

Yes! I have slept with a lot of guys that I have even lost count of them ranging from the normal guys to the celebrities I had a crush on.

Celebrities like Paul and Peter, 2face and even with the international guys like Craig David, Usher, keep naming them. We all had a nice time and it lasted for years.

But relax, even if I had sex with them, it was well enjoyed.
Sex is an act that starts from the mind. It doesn\’t exclude the lust in our eyes and in our hearts.

While growing, I used to think that Virginity was restricted to the body. I never knew that the main goal wasn\’t the chaste body but sexual purity.
I constantly had sex with every guy I admired in my mind, not physical sex so calm down.

Sexual desire is an aspect of a person\’s personality. It is a feeling that can be triggered by both internal and external forces. It can be aroused through sexual materials, imaginations and sexual fantasy.
Sexual desire can come from forces like drive, need, urge, wish, instinct, or want.

Sexual desire is the longing for sexual activity for its own sake, for the purpose of enjoyment and release of sexual tension.

A lot of people even the so called \”SU\” Christians do some crazy things behind and still sing \”I am a Virgin\”.
A lady asked me if she was still a virgin as she was fingered and I told her she is in the best position to know that and some other questions followed.

So many of us have formed the habit of doing the invisible kind of sex and romance to keep our body while still claiming to be a virgin.

It is not easy to \”Hold-body\” but it is worth it when you are really determined and allow the Holyspirit to help. He has been helping me!
Pornography is one of the easiest way to have sex unknowingly.
Is watching pornography bad? Yes it is!

Lusting after another person\’s body is as equal as having sex. You have also encouraged the act and this act is common among people including the married.

Sex is not something you need to learn from someone, a lot of people say that aside watching blue films to release sexual tension or enjoy the pleasure, they also watch it to learn more skills from it.

When I was young, a neighbor told me clearly that when his girlfriend is around, they watch a lot of blue films to learn new styles and try it immediately. I was still ignorant then, so I just laughed about it and looked at him as a terrible sinner but what is the difference between him watching and acting it and me playing the records in my mind.

Don\’t judge a person because they sin differently from you.

Pornography is not the best way to learn, there is a beauty in teaching each other on the first night. It all boils down to the connection that exist between the both of you.
Why call yourself a virgin when someone fingers you, sexual purity is the goal. You need to chaste your body and your mind.

Are you still involved in pornography? You have a lot of records in your brain like I did? It\’s time to make a change.
One of the excuses people give for having premarital sex is because they need knowledge of the act before marriage aside other pleasurable reasons.

So many ladies out there prefers to settle down with a man who has had sex at several times and in awesome ways but for the men, it\’s vice versa.
A lady asked recently that \”If we don\’t have sex now, how would we get it right in marriage?\”

The first thing that dropped in my mind for her was \” Who taught Adam and Eve how to have sex as the first couple?\” Did they see any blue film to watch or romance novel to read? Yet they had a beautiful sexual experience, am sure they did.

There is a magical beauty behind exploring your bodies on a memorable night with a greater connection. Even if you don\’t get it right that night, there are plenty days to practice and make perfect. Enough of the secular flimsy excuses and views. You can\’t stay on the secular view all
the time and live a peculiar life in God.
Whatever would contaminate your minds should be a dread to you.
Sometimes, I feel a great sexual urge, other times, the thought comes and I just have to filter it off immediately.
In my ignorant days, I could spend a whole 15 hours out of 24hours meditating on different forms of sexual imaginations as a result of deep indulgence in romance novels, films, magazines and scenes. I can\’t believe I have become an opposite of my former self but it\’s God grace and am enjoying it daily.

Sexual abuse is not only being experienced by female gender only…Many young boys are going through hell from female folks who are forcing them into perverse activities.

Seriously, no secular view can help you from any form of sexual addiction e.g pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, et al.

You can never triumph in secrecy, you need to voice out.

Talk to me and let\’s start a journey towards a Sexually purified life.

Choose to stay healthy and live purified.

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