(Read Story)-Where Did Fadeyi Go Wrong?


Tolu and Fadeyi have been friends for seven years. They both struggled to gain admission and getting a job after graduation felt like hell.

Tolu has a soft spot for the youths, he loves to counsel and develop their minds on financial intelligence but Fadeyi seems to be confused at what he can do.

Discovering purpose is the first step to greatness. Have you discovered yours?

The labour market has been terrifying and been an entrepreneur seem to be the next thing.

Tolu carefully went through various seminars and learning opportunities to become better at what he does. He did little business to survive, followed the path of his mentor wisely and now he has started training people in his field. He spent a year building his career and he is almost stepping up on his game.

Fadeyi on the other hand, wants quick cash. He has tried yahoo and some other form of money laundering but he doesn\’t seem to feel satisfied. He  moves from one police arrest to the other. 

Down the line, Tolu has started earning little consistent money from solving people\’s problems but Fadeyi is creating more problems.

Fadeyi isn\’t patient enough to struggle in the right way but now he is at the feet of Tolu begging to be shown the path.

Meanwhile, few months back, Tolu tried talking and helping Fadeyi but he constantly shunned him off. Tolu is a bit skeptical about helping him but if he decides to, he simply doesn\’t know which path would set Fadeyi right without harming him in return because of his wild attitudes.

In your own description, how can you advise Fadeyi and Tolu?

1. Spot out three problems Fadeyi had that compounded his problem.

2. Should Tolu help him and how should he?

3. What moral can we learn from this story?

Please do comment your view below. Am glad to learn from you.

Choose to stay healthy and live purified.

2 thoughts on “(Read Story)-Where Did Fadeyi Go Wrong?”

  1. Fadeyi was a lazy dude, He wasn’t patient and never had a plan for his life.

    There is little to what Tolu can do. He can advise and pray for him if he believes in it. He can’t force him to do anything until fadeyi get to realise his true self

    Moral, it pays to have a vision and to pursue it diligently.

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