How To Change Your Life With Your Words


I had just left the library and was heading to the market to get foodstuffs and vegetables when I realized that the money on me could not take me through. I stood by the road calculating how much I would spend to the market, in the market and back home. Confused me just stood like I was expecting a drop of manna from heaven. After all my mind calculation , I decided to try a trick. With my little faith, I made a statement but yet it had no meaning to me because I felt it was impossible. In spite of my little mustard seed faith, God had plans to make the impossible become possible.

I recalled my statement as I stood helplessly by the road, "Lord, how I wish I could get a free ride to the market". I never mentioned what kind of ride but it was meant to be free and I didn't take it serious because it wasn't boldly said. I laughed at my statement and wondered about how some ladies would have preferably waved at the finest car for a lift. I couldn't but I needed a Savior. I returned back from my dream world and had to face reality so I waved at the keke Napep heading my way and I boarded it. There were two passengers in it and I was put in the middle (elderly men things). There was an aged man to my left and a man in his mid-forties to my right. We had not moved too far when the Baba said he wanted to alight. He came down and handed over his transport fare to the driver and then he turned back to continue his movement. The driver was making some statements but I didn't hear him because I felt he was talking to the Old man. Little did I know he was talking to me and referring to the Old man. I asked him to repeat his statement and he said "That man just paid your transport-fare" and I was like what? How come? That old man? I never said a word of greetings when I boarded the Napep. He didn't even tell me he was going to pay. I quickly turned back to say "Thank you" but it was too late. He had already moved quickly and the Napep was already on the move too. I kept looking back like He was an angel. It was so shocking for me and for over two years now, I can't seem to forget the experience. How could an old man that never said a word to me or knew my mind be my Savior? That was God in action. I had to realize that as a Christian, I had the power in my mouth only if I would believe. My words could affect my life. That experience changed my mentality. I grew so conscious of my words and learnt how to use it wisely.

Wait a minute!!! Did you notice that the experience came as a result of my confession? I didn't say how it should come but God did it in a way that would glorify Him alone. Since then, when I needed help in a positive way, I make the Holyspirit do some assignments for me and it has always worked as long as it was with a good motive. Some times I underestimated my words and end up regretting not achieving its purposes.

So what's the morale of my story? You have the power to change your situation. Stop going around speaking negative things to your life. Stop saying "I am weak, I am poor, I am a failure, I can't do it, I have bad luck" and start saying "I am rich, I am strong, I am a success, I am the light of the world, I can make it, Victory is mine" and you will see a turn around in your life. Year 2014 is going, going and almost gone, did we achieve it all in this year? Its a No for me, I don't know about you. Our Words are like a positive prophetic declaration on our life. You are what you say you are. Maybe you would have gotten that job, offer, contract, documents, opportunity if you had believed and confessed it out on your life.

Year 2015 is another opportunity to change your words and change your life. Wake up every morning , look into the mirror and see a better version of you. Tell yourself all the best you can be. Speak it out and see yourself becoming it. It has worked for me, for others and it can work for you. Believe in yourself and others would believe in you.

Proverbs 18: 21 : "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

Eat of the fruit of life and not death. Speak forth good fruits and begin to reap them.

You are what you say you are. You can get what you believe in. Be the best and be more productive.

With love from Relcapsules team, we are wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance.

Be You-ti-fied!!!!!!

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