(Must Read): What Change Has Your Life Created So Far Aside Pointing Hands?

What kind of life did you live in year 2014?

As the year comes to an end, sit back with a mild coffee, rest your legs on a stool and ask yourself; Did I really have the Best 2014? What would make 2015 better? I realised that in life, we forgo so many things just to please others. We live a half-baked life that turns us into a loaf of bread with little weight. What really is the essence of living?

What more do you have in you to give? If death comes right now, would you be fulfilled? Would you die empty? I have so many regrets and am hoping to have a better year ahead. No vague plans but more realistic actions! This world need us more than we need it. What have you deposited in this world?

Do you know how many times you have held back what you had from the less-privileged? What\’s life for if we can\’t put a smile on another man\’s face? We live in a world where people chase shadows, put on fake smiles and live a masked life. Those expensive wears, make up, plastic surgeries, artificial life are just trivial. This world need more from us.

The orgy of addiction on media world has really translated the youths into Zombies who have no calling of their own but in a bid to be like role models who doesn\’t even create a positive impact on their followers, for some though.

Few voices seem to bemoan on the high increase of unlearned youths who wants to be leaders of tomorrow with no class and taste of Change in them……… What impact have we made in our community, church, and family?

Isn\’t time running out on us? The death toll increases day by day yet we know there a number of people we must affect before we die. We can\’t just decide to forbid some people from talking to us by acting like gods in our era. How can we change lives when we cannot develop better relationships than the boy-girl-lover relationships we chase.

What are your regrets so far? Is the world just about chatting unnecessarily on social media or what? Which way to go? Nigerians don\’t read anymore, they are only interested in payment for entertainment. No urge to learn anymore.

Pause and think about your life. How many lives have benefited from you? What positive impacts do you make out there? Death is inevitable and we must live our lives like tomorrow will never come.

Let me share a story:

When I was in my third year in school, there was this guy who was studying Business Administration while I was studying Accounting. We had most of our classes together. I knew there was something about his nature but wasn\’t sure until he gave a testimony in my church on how his Genotype changed from SS to AA during a revival program that was held in our church. I was glad to hear that and that explained his physical nature clearly. He lived around my environs and I get to see him sometimes while going to Church. Most days, I always feel a leading to approach him and encourage him to be closer to God especially after such miracle so the devil doesn\’t tamper with him again. Somehow I don\’t always end up not talking to him. I kept postponing it till we were out of school.

Not quite long after we graduated, I had a dream that someone close died. I didn\’t get to see the face but I heard his name and was crying. I woke up shouting the name: ADEWALE!!!! What a nightmare but it was so true! Later that evening, I started seeing personal messages of my friends on Blackberry Messenger with RIP and the likes. I tried finding out who it was and they said Adewale. All this while in school, I never took note of his name so I needed to see a picture to identify who died and it ended up being that same boy I had always seen, wishing to talk to him more about Christ. He died after falling sick. How come? I couldn\’t handle the trauma. What if I had spoken to him? Would it have changed the situation? I felt so guilty, like I caused his death. I cried and cried hoping that I was forgiven.

God has linked us up with people we need to help or affect their lives positively. We must be sensitive to the duty of care and love towards our neighbours. Let\’s live a better life. Nigeria can be better if we make it a responsibility of ours to create a Change first rather than point hands at leaders and government. We are all guilty. Change is all we need from greed, corruption, misuse of power etc.

Let the change start from you. Be more interested in that child around you. Give more to that family you see suffering. We should not wait till they come and ask for token (Chicken Change) to survive. Let\’s give out food, clothes, cash, love, smile, hug, care, attention. Let\’s dream big and act in love.

#IamNigeria……….I am a Nation Builder.

Let\’s work towards a better world to live in. The change starts from YOU.

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