Is Love A Feeling? Is Love Enough?

Prior to the thoughts and opinions of people on love being a feeling. Well, sorry to disappoint you, love isn\’t a feeling. Don\’t crash yet, just keep your feelings in your belly, I mean those butterfly feelings you feel when you meet a girl for the first time or that excitement you have when you know he is rich, nairaloaded, spirit filled, tall and handsome and yet asking you out. Oh my God! You just won a jackpot, I guess!

If love is a feeling , why didn\’t you keep loving him when you noticed the car he picked you up with was for his friend? Why didn\’t you keep on with the feeling when you noticed she was a baby momma?

Oh I guess, you had those electric feelings at first, she was the cockroach in your cupboard and the thrills were too much for you to imagine. I can imagine how it feels when he took you out on a tour and it seems you both connected. Everyone approved of the union, like it was sent from heaven. Okay, that\’s all about feelings! Let\’s get down to business.

Love is a decision, its a choice, a commitment. Love is choosing to love an imperfect person. It is loving someone even though you are not pleased with some things not because you saw some good things. Love is putting another person happiness before yours. Love is finding ways to make him or her happy even while you are sad. Love is when you stay with him when he has no car but a clear vision of his future. Oh Love!

When you choose to love a person, nothing else seems to matter. No tribe, condition or person can separate it. Love is caring for the odd option. God chose to love us not because we were saints but because we were sinners. He loved us unconditionally. He didn\’t love us because we could set the world free with our purpose, he even made rain to fall and sun to shine on every thing and soul. That\’s love. Capital LOVE.

Now for the next option, now that you know what love is, is love truly enough?

So many people keep saying the L word like its all that matters. Love is not chocolate in the fridge, cool enough to ice your throat. You need to work hard for it to work. Love is the first step, but you need a whole lot of commitment, care , financial support, knowledge, trust, communication et al to make the relationship work.

Don\’t fall in love at the age of 16 and blame love for hurting you later on. You also need to wait till you are capable enough, matured enough, responsible enough to take all the burden. Don\’t just love his cars and suits expecting money to make it all work. You need to put more on the table. Its the duty of the both of you not just one party.

When love happens, check out the consequences, have a future plan, do all that you need to do and work it out. Your pastors, parents ,family and friend wouldn\’t be the oil to make the love engine work, its the BOTH OF YOU. Love is pounding yam but still loving the stress because of its output.

Think about it. Don\’t just love. Love with your brain too. Go into that relationship with God\’s counsel. Kiss dating goodbye and say hello to courtship. Learn to be serious and have a definite plan.

Most of all,

Love with wisdom.


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