1. I have discovered that those you place much value on might not reciprocate such values on you. They might never even encourage you but Its a matter of time.

2. I have noticed that if you dont develop a good relationship with people, you might end up missing out on the values placed by God to be added unto you by people. They are simply tied to your destiny and you might not even notice but take them for granted. They might be far ahead ahead of you or simply just starting their journey.

3. I have noticed that no matter how spiritual or great a man is, he might never see God\’s glory around you until they begin to manifest more.

4. I have noticed that not every great person out there is ordained to be a blessing to you. Stop depending on one side of life and explore every other corners.

5. I have noticed that some of those who teach great theories might have problem practicalising it in their lives and to others.

6. I have learnt that most great people out there started small, were ignored, faced with opposition and challenges but never gave up on their dreams.

7. I have learnt that most great people out there go through one problem or an addiction secretly that you may never know, hence no one on earth have a perfect life. We live by God\’s grace.

8. I have learnt that God\’s favour can come through the least you expected from and not that man or woman you honour so much and depended totally on. God always want to take glory for everything in your life.

9. I have learnt that no matter how much you try pleasing people or entertaining them, you may never live a fulfilled life in that. Be original. Imitation is limitation.

10. I have learnt that the more you try to live like some others , they may never value your presence or efforts.

Bottom line is: You are on a personal race. Your shoes are different so are your challenges, opportunities and grace.

Stop trying to live like MR A or B and face your life squarely.

Jesus never wanted to hear the praises of men because he knew the heart of men.

It doesn\’t matter what the president thinks about you, stop wallowing in tears and self-pity because he didn\’t notice you. Think more on what God thinks about you.

If you always want to confirm who you are from people and not from God, you might keep facing people who would look down on you.

Learn to live a total dependence life on God.

We have different missions.

We are unique in our ways.

Stop feeling inferior.

Those great people out there started somewhere, they never had an overnight success , yours won\’t be different.

Be consistent in what you do. Practice harder. Pray more. Give more. Think more

And your time would come soon to shine.

You might still be going through a process of training or refining from God, while you are hidden, prepare now for the future.

Forget the prophecies, your actions determine the result.

Live a principled life and get the best out of life.

Some people out there need your encouragement, smiles, efforts to survive. Keep living your life to the fullest. Stop pleasing people. Stop feeling inferior because they didn\’t notice your glory, one day they would.

Start loving yourself more than you did this last year.

It has come to an END




2015 is another opportunity.

Be wise and be you-ti-fied.

Happy new year.


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