Ladies, 11 Kinds Of Men You Should Totally Avoid


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It is not uncommon for ladies to miss out on some crucial things they should have taken notice of when they are looking out for whom to marry.
Many spinster often time get lost in the euphoria of about to get married without knowing what to look out for.
Hence, the purpose of this article to help some ladies who gets confused between love and lust, purpose and pleasure.
Carefully read the following category of men to find out if that man that is all over you is truly the type of man you need to live with for the rest of your life.
1. A Control Man:
He is a guy that has so much money to spend on phone bills. He monitors your movements every here and there. Not because he cares, but for fear of losing you (unsecured). He determines where you should go and checks you up all the time. He doesn\’t give you a breathing space or make you feel secured. He is all over you all the time and is extremely jealous, he disrespect your values in life and your opinion does not really count. He wants you to disconnect from your friends and family members and focus only on him. Such guy is a wrong guy!
2. A Sex freak:
Any guy who cannot delay gratification or tame his intimate urge but wants everything from you even before marriage needs to be sexually diagnosed. He wants early sex and other intimate exploration of your body. He doesn\’t believe in intimate purity or no sex until marriage. Mind you, once he gets all he wants, he will move on to that other lady that keeps herself pure and tells you you\’re cheap. Before he does that, flee!
3. A Secretive man (FBI)
We all have secrets from our past but there are some secrets that would be detrimental to your relationship in the future. If he hides everything about his past from, or doesn\’t open up to you, then you\’ll be walking with him into an unknown world. If all you know about him can be summarized in one sentence, you are heading in the wrong direction.
4. The complainer
Any man who cannot take responsibility for his life but blames everyone for his challenges except himself is not worth your hand in marriage! He may also not take responsibility for his marriage! If you do, he would end up blaming you for the predicament you brought into his life even though it was a result of his deed. It is better to live in the corner of a rooftop than to dwell with a complainer.
5. A Perfectionist
A man who is a fault-finder and a perfectionist is difficult to please. In his world, there is no room for mistakes of any magnitude and if you make a mistake, be ready for harsh criticism. He would expect you to be perfect in all you do and would easily pick your fault. This kind of people will be difficult to please because you cannot meet up with his overly perfect standards.
6. A Lazy dude
Never consider getting married to a lazy man who does not have a realistic vision for his life! A man who is going nowhere will lead his wife nowhere! A man\’s responsibility is to provide leadership and direction to his family! On the other hand, when a woman with vision marries a man without vision, she naturally becomes the leader of the home which will eventually lead to conflict or disorder! Believe me; it does not work out well in marriage!
7. An Anti-spiritual man
Never marry a man who does not have a relationship with God unless you too do not have one. When I say relationship, it goes beyond going to church on Sundays or becoming a member of one denomination. A man/woman who loves and respect the Lord will love and respect you in obedience to the Lord!
8. The Explosive Agent
Be mindful of a man who is hot tempered, if he flares up because of the things that are insignificant or at a slightest provocation, it is dangerous getting married to him. Anybody with this trait could be aggressive, physically abusive and unpredictable in marriage. Mind you,for the fact he hits the wall or bang the table doesn\’t mean he won\’t beat you when you marry. A man who cannot control his/her temper is a time-bomb waiting to detonate!
9. Extravagant man
Here is a man who lives a luxury life even if it would cost him to borrow to ensure that he satisfies his cravings. He spends lavishly or buys thing that are of no value just to satisfy his pleasure. At times, he is the type that works for his money but he ends up using it to live in pleasure without having a plan for his future. If you marry such man, he will be comfortable in living in a rented apartment without planning to build or buy a house.
10. An Unmannered dude
Never get married to a man who does not respect constituted authority but delights in breaking the law. He jumps queue, evade tax or uses the wrong lane when driving. His actions might land you and your kids in prison one day. Also if he does not have respect for your parents or your relatives may hardly respect you. If he yells at you or verbally insults you, there\’s no how he won\’t treat your parent in such manner.
11. A Stingy Man
This issue is sensitive and I\’ll describe him for you to understand. He works hard and earns much but finds it very difficult to give you part of his dime. He\’s glad you\’re working but would never give you anything as gift or a token. If you find yourself in a relationship and he doesn\’t give or pay for your hair-do, it will affect you and the children when you marry him. A man doesnt have to spend his all on you but a caring man will try to take care of some things. It would determine how he will treat you when you get married.
* Ladies have been advised to make sure they think twice before saying \’Yes I Do\’
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