Navigating Marital Distress

Are you experiencing a difficult season in your marriage? Or are you unaware of the actual issues showing up consistently in your homefront? 

If your spouse displays traits like extreme arrogance, withdrawal, stonewalling, revengeful lifestyle, lack of accountability, lack of communication and openness, inability to connect with you emotionally…

…if you have been deeply hurt by some toxic habits by your partner, then you must join our exclusive webinar on navigating marital distress.

At the webinar, you’ll uncover powerful strategies to recognise and navigate common challenges like narcissism, patriarchy, communication breakdown, and intimacy issues.

It could also be that you have given up on desiring change in the marriage, and you feel exhausted, despised, abandoned, overwhelmed, badly bruised, and emotionally numb.

Not to worry! This webinar will also help you reactivate your emotional strength and activate your healing; it’ll establish your identity and kickstart a thriving life that befits you.

The webinar will feature conversations around:

✅ Patriarchy.
✅ Narcissism.
✅ Communication breakdown.
✅ Lack of Connection.
✅ External Influences and much more.

During this Webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Gain insights into how narcissism works: Learn effective strategies to recognise and respond to narcissistic behaviors in your partner.

  2. Understand and manage patriarchy signs: Understand the structure of your marriage and acquire the strategies to navigate the dynamics, leading to mutual respect.

  3. Improve communication skills: Learn simple tips to enhance your ability to express your needs, concerns, and emotions constructively, leading to more meaningful and productive interactions with your spouse.

  4. Address intimacy issues: Understand what causes disconnection and explore practical techniques to reignite intimacy and connection, fostering greater emotional and physical closeness with your partner.

  5. Elevate your identity and faith as we spend some time praying for your renewal, revival, and restoration. You can rise and thrive again.

Webinar Details

Date: May 4th 2024 | Time: 7:00pm (WAT)

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