My Thoughts On Mothers(Sister)-in-Law

Have you ever been scared of getting married and dealing with husband\’s female family members?

Have you ever wondered how you would cope?

Some even go as far as praying that their future partner don\’t have sisters or mother alive. Loooool.

It is that bad?

I believe that no matter how wicked, harsh and aggressive a person can be, there is always a way of unlocking their kind spot. But you would agree with me that some don\’t ever get moved by how nice, humble and respectful the wife is.

This post is to share my thought on what ladies should approach family matters.

Why become a terror to your brother\’s wife? Why act like your son would marry you?

Truth is, the way you treat her determines how you would be treated too.

I keep wondering why some ladies enjoy poking into their son\’s and brothers affair. For me, I don\’t and I repeat with confidence that I have never had issues or planned to have issues and I don\’t expect to get such treatment too. It has been quite easy for me.

Most of these ladies throwing out terror actually have problems with themselves. They don\’t seem to understand their worth and so they can only survive better by being a terror to someone out there.

Are you still praying for no mother and sister? Quit that, why not position yourself in the way you want to be treated and focus your mind on being likeable.

What you think of automatically becomes a living action.

I would seriously love to know your thought on handling sisters-in-law and mothers-in-law.

Please share your experience or another approach to dealing with them to help others.

9 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Mothers(Sister)-in-Law”

  1. Just like Nike, I don’t have any issues with my sisters in law and I don’t intend to have any with my mother/sister(s) inlaw.

    All I would expect ‘to some extent’ is an understanding that I’m different and may have been brought up differently and that their expectations of me should be prunned.

    I want mother in-law ooooo. Who will tell me how naughty my husband was if she’s not there or where do I send my kids to to learn some good old family traditions. I also would love sister(s) in-law at least for gossip na and to annoy Oga sometimes.

    I do these things with my sisters in-law presently and its fun.

    Lastly, let’s be reminded that we would have sons too and we have brothers, how would you feel if your future daughter inlaw wished you dead or your brother’s fiance wished your mum dead.

    Be careful what you wish for is all I can say. What goes around does really come back around.

    Why not prepare to be the right daughter inlaw……..#winks

  2. I personally don’t buy into the idea of wishing female members of Le boo’s family dead, I’m a female and wouldn’t want my son’s future wife to wish me dead before she arrives.
    That being said, difficult people exist but I have come to realise that even the most difficult of them has a ‘mumu button’ which when activated, does a great job of establishing a place of commonality. We just need to find it and activate it for it is one proven way of relating with even the toughest of people.

    Great thoughts Nike!

  3. lol…really enjoyed your post Nike.

    My mum often jokes that she so dreaded ‘evil’ mother and sister in laws that she fasted and prayed for them to be loving and caring. Guess what? God answered her prayers.

    she enjoyed the love of her mother and sister in laws. I am doing same. I hope to have even better in laws.


  4. Interesting discourse. Actually i am of the school of thought that believes that what you believe will inevitably happen to you. I have a very nice mother and as a single i kept praying that God will give me a mother-in-law just like my mother and he heard. They have the same temperament(Phleg-San) and are both widows(didnt ask for that). One of the things i preach is to love what your spouse loves, and to be truthful how many men don’t love their mothers. As marital love too requires commitment even when the going is not smooth so does in-law relationship. Be determined to make it work and it will work out. I also need to say that your husband is a great determining factor so discuss these matters before marriage.

  5. Fadoju Temitope Folorunso

    Note to in-laws

    They should learn to give allowances for their son or daughter. Tolerance and respect is a virtue.

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