(Read) February 14: No Valentine Day


The 14th of February, is a day observed in every year, it is called Saint Valentine\’s Day, also known as Valentine\’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine. Several stories were invented for Valentine\’s Day from different religions, ethnical belief and philosophies.     

  In Nigeria, Valentine\’s Day is in other words called \”Lover\’s Day\”. As the name implies, a day couples show to themselves more love than usual, go out for a date and exchange gifts. Its absolutely always in the craziest style in Lagos, where 80% of who celebrate this day are youths. The entire streets, hotels, restaurants, stores are covered in red and white streamers most especially, with big love-heart shape signs.

I went to pay my nephew a visit at Ibadan last year, on Valentine\’s Day and I was surprised to see the city, which is usually sleepy by 8:00pm, bustling with cars and people in their uniform (red and white).      

Lagos, in particular, where a lady would burst into laughter when her man shows up with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate, unlike the Americans. These gifts are not appreciated here and a guy who tries such will suffer the wrath of anger from his girlfriend on that day. The suitable Valentine\’s gift, trending in Lagos, Nigeria are; CMC: cell phones, money and cars. There are lot others like cakes, louboutin shoes, louis vuiton bag and shoes etc, but the CMC\’s are the popular ones.       

But, why should only the guys be the ones to give gift? Why can\’t the ladies give their boyfriends gift? I\’m sure these questions are one of the things that prompted ladies to buy \”underwears: boxers or singlets\” for their boyfriends (make he no be like say they no kuku give us anything) and alway desiring for gifts like cells phones in return (una sabi business pass omo igbo, choi!!).       

This whole drama has been happening repeated for years, not until guys winked an idea (come wise up) to pull up a fight or quarrel or start acting up for a minor or no specific or geniue reason few days or weeks before Valentine\’s Day (lol, no be our fault now). Not every guy who uses this technique actually succeed, and if you\’ve been among the luck ones,hiya!        

  For those who have not been so lucky, this year is your lucky year. Federal Government has provided a geniue reason for us (guys) not to be available on the Valentine\’s Day, by choosing the same date for the presidential election. This has been a joy in one way for many guyz (and myself too #winks). We just have to perform our civil reponsibilities, don\’t we? Yes we do!!! Lolz.       

  Sincerely, the heart knows who it belongs to, Val or No Val. Just make your girlfriend feel like a queen that she is and treat her like one. But this year don go sha……     

By Akanni Olamilekan ( @CY_Akanni )

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