How To Nuture Your Potentials


   Potentials, as defined by oxford dictionary, are the abilities that can be developed and led to future success. At its heart, achieving your full potential is about being the best person you can be and and expressing yourself to the fullest.   

Everyone is actually different, however, full potential is a relative term. After making a rigorious search and discovering what your full potential is,hitherto, 7 steps are to be observed to nurture this latent strength to eventually result into success;

1) Reflect on your life   

Commit 20-30 minutes of quiet reflection everday. You don\’t really have to sit still, close your eyes and meditate (no be vision you won see). Just try to stay away from any form of distraction because they could constantly be clouding your thoughts and influencing your decisions. Open your mind, think, imagine, visualize and dream.     

During this reflection, you\’ll come across great realization which will make you experience new level of experience, insight, conciousness and awareness.

2) Be Optimistic:    

This is an important key. Every negative thought that you replay in your mind is like an anchor holding you back. Inside every set backs and disappointment, lies an opportunity.

3). Have set goals:      

Goals gives you a life direction and a purpose for you to strech your potential through its elastic limit, and could take you away out of your comfort zone. \”What doesn\’t kill you, strengthens you\”.

4) Become a hardworking and fast learner:        

Commit to learning something everyday. All the informations you need to succeed already exist, exposing yourself to them is all you require. Never hesiatate to deepen your research and broaden your knowledge. 

5). Accept criticisms as challenge and pain as life sustaining:        

  In the process of learning, you\’ll encounter couple of critics (people go run their mouth). Only if you take them as challenges, they will help figure out what you are capable of and what you need to work on. Life is a trial and error, and as you make mistake, you\’ll emerge and move on as a stronger and greater person.            

Being through the 5 steps, your potential has been nurtured into your passion. You\’ll start having great zeal towards your goals and start doing thing better (like papilo #winks).

6)Develop intuition:      

  Intuition comes after experience and instinct. Some people tend to follow their intuition while some like to \”jump at the gun\” or go with their gut instinct. Strike a balance between these two. Know when its right to follow your Instinct, you may want to contemplate. In short, decisions that will affect your life in the long run should be critically analyzed. 

7) Continue your Hard work and Pray:        

Prayer is the one powerful way to tell God what you need and desire for. Hardwork pays, but only when there is God\’s blessing on it…

By Akanni Olamilekan @CY_Akanni

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