Answer To FAQ- What Does The Relationship Capsules Entails?

Relationship Capsules is geared at developing the mind of a youth in various ways. As singles, you can be adequately informed on how to have a healthy life by having a healthy sexual life, a relationship with God, being emotionally fit plus financial intelligence to live a better life as a whole.   

Let\’s break down the Capsules:

C- Courtship Rules

A- Accepting Oneself

P- Purpose journey(Tip the Top)

S- Singles Sexuality

U- Understanding God

L- Loving rightly

E- Emotional Intelligence

S- Strength of Singleness

Under this categories, we have a lot of ingredients to make a long lasting relationship and build a positive mindset towards life.

We would be shedding some light on these categories for some time.

I shared some tips on Courtship rules last year december on twitter which gained positive responses. Some of which are:

-Learn to kiss dating goodbye and say hello to courtship. Get more serious this next year.#Courtshiprules

-Emotional strength: This is a vital aspect I want us to build on including myself. Its the power of the mind.#Courtshiprules

-Love matters: Do you really have the spirit of love or lust? Love is an action word not an adjective.#Courtshiprules

-A wise woman would know where to settle her marriage palavas. On her knees and not on her friends and parents table.#Courtshiprules

-If you can\’t feed yourself, don\’t bother rushing into marriage. Its beyond love o, you might start to ska-bash out of the marriage.

-Growth: Endeavour to grow in all capacity. Financially, get something doing through a skill, talent or job. No love for lazy man o.

-Its not every guy that asks you out you should think of dating, no where to draw the line and maintain friendship.#Courtshiprules

-Men, its not every thing in skirt you should approach. Focus on better things and know when to take a step.#Courtshiprules

-Read a book together and discuss the impact it has on your lives. Suggest materials that can your relationship.#Courtshiprules

—These are few of the tweets.

***For some weeks, we would be talking on tips that can improve your courtship but this would be an introduction.

Courtship entails a lot of things. 

You can either be dating or courting.

Courtship has more commitment. It involves an agreement, friendship, fellowship, involvement of parents and spiritual leaders, marriage in view et al.

So start by evaluating your relationship, are you dating or courting?

Which do you prefer?

How do you understand them?

I await your feedback.

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