Reasons Why Some Ladies Stick To Their Abusive Relationships

A lot of times, ladies go through hell in their relationship but never come out due to some of their personal reasons. Some guys make their girlfriend/wife a punching bag at every slight offence,yet these ladies still remain there. The reasons are:

1. She keeps hoping he would change:Most ladies always feel that their partner would change after a while. They feel they could become so nice and get a change from him. When you keep thinking he would change, then you are ready to settle for less. You can’t change a man. Only God can.

2. She defends him:Most of the time, ladies fall so much for a guy and keep giving reasons why he is doing what he does. She defends him while with the family and friends. She gives herself reasons for his behaviour. Like,maybe she is at fault or maybe he is under pressure. No matter what, he has no right to lay his hands on you.

3. She get scared of his threats: Some men could really find a way of threatening their girlfriends never to leave them,if not, they would harm them or the likes. When you keep falling for those threats,then you will keep being his slave.

4. She has Low self-esteem: When a woman begins to feel she is not good enough for someone else, then she keeps sticking to the bad one. Someone out there would appreciate you,so take the boot!!!

5. She wants security: Security could be financial or any form of help this guy has been giving her: When a guy sponsors his girlfriend on education,allowances etc, no matter what he does,she would prefer to remain so as not to loose out on her gains.

My dear,get busy with your life and be creative,independent and be happy. Let no one promise you favours and still treat you like a trash.

6. Pressure from her family: When a lady gets to a particular age, she feels pressurised to get married. A lady of 28yrs will prefer to marry the bad guy than to be single and receive insults of late marriage. The truth is,its better to marry late than marry early and suffer.

7. Ignorance: When you are ignorance of the fact that you deserve a better life out there,then you will keep settling for less. You are special and you need to be pampered. What Men don’t realize is that ,when you care so much for a lady ,giving her quality time too, she wouldn’t mind suffering with you to the end. Treat her right and get favoured too.

Note: This is for ladies who have not been treated right and are scared of coming out. This is meant to lift your spirit and make you aware of your better future. You deserve the right hands.

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