Enhance Your Love Life

Get a Personalised Assessment and Expert Report for your relationship and marriage.

With our personalised assessment, we can decode the root cause of your love life struggles and provide recommendations and solutions, even if you are not quite ready or willing to have a one-on-one session just yet.

Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or married, there is an assessment type for you. You can understand your reoccurring patterns and discover how to navigate them smoothly. 

The Report Includes:

Why you need this Report

Identify the root cause

Get a clear understanding of your relationship’s core issues and root causes.

Deepen your intimacy

Strengthen your intimacy through customised recommendations, skills, and tools.

Resolve conflicts easily

Activate a clear path to conflict resolution, envisioning, and individual growth.

Improve your communication

Discover communication insights for a thriving relationship.

Deeper Understanding

Gain profound insights into each other’s perspectives, emotions, love language, and personality styles for a richer understanding.

Customized Recommendations

Receive personalized recommendations to address specific areas for growth and strengthen your relationship.

Who is this report meant for?

  • Individuals
  • Married couples
  • Dating couples
  • Engaged couples


Coach Nike is a brilliant and caring coach. She has a perfect mastery of her teachings. I have had so many unforgettable moments with her through her resources, and consequently, I have enjoyed a sweeter relationship with my partner!
Babatunde Akinola
Coach Nike is your go to Coach if you want a balanced relationship or marital solution that incorporates the Christian faith. Whether you're single, about to marry, married or no longer married, I recommend her if you desire a transformation.
Seyon Patience
If you follow Coach Nike's marriage mentoring, not only will she impact your marriage positively but your identity, personal, and spiritual growth will shift. When she coaches, she isn't just dishing out theories but experiential knowledge. If you are confused and need someone to help you navigate your murky waters, she ranks No.1 on my chart.
Omobolanle Alade

Individual Report


Double Report


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

When you make your payment, you will be required to fill a form, afterwards, you will get an email with the assessments needed for your report.

How long does it take for the report to be done?

We would get back to you with your report 3 days after you submit your final assessments.

What is the difference between individual and double report?

Individual means that you are doing it for yourself and this works better for an individual who just needs to work on their emotional life.

Will this work for me?

Yes it will, because your answers will guide us into understanding the root cause of your personal challenges and we can provide recommendations that can work for you. You can choose to begin a coaching session afterwards.