#SinglesDate: The Place Of Virginity And Purity Tweets By Adenike Adedokun

1. I welcome you to another awesome moment like this. I pray as we start, may the Lord empower the words with spirit and life to make impart.#Singlesdate

2. I am @NikeAdedokun , I help people have healthy relationships and live a sexually purified life. Let\’s talk about \”The place of Virginity and purity\”

3. A Virgin is a person who has never had sexual intercourse or any sexual activity. Note this sentence: \”or any sexual activity\”

4. Purity is a state of being pure and being pure signifies \”Clean, non-contaminated and perfect\”.#Singlesdate

5. So many people say that virginity is lack of opportunity but the truth is there are different reasons why people keep their virginity.#Singlesdate

6. Either because of \”waiting for the right time\” or \”Confused about the best status to cling to\” or \”Simply pleasing God and creating a better future\”#Singlesdate

7. Whatever reason you have, please stick with the best option which is the third. Don\’t throw away your dignity to please anybody. It\’s your pride.#Singlesdate

8.  Virginity is not only for ladies but for men too. I keep wondering why everyone focuses on ladies. \”It is good for a man not to touch a woman, get married!\”.

8. I will be addressing the virgins and those that have lost it also. If you have, relax! You have a second chance.#Singlesdate

9.  It doesn\’t matter if you have lost yours, what defines you is your place with Christ. Purity should be your focus.#Singlesdate

10.  Let me say a big shout out to all those who have kept themselves till this stage. You are appreciated. Don\’t be pressurized to lease out your body.#Singlesdate

11. But Is it just about being a virgin? The bible signifies that mere lust equals adultery. This means that so many people have committed adultery without penetration.

12. Virginity is very good goal but purity should be your most targeted goal. This is what God wants from us. To be pure in heart.#Singlesdate

13. Sexual purity is not just about abstaining from sex. It also deals with keeping the mind free from lustful desires.#Singlesdate

14. Purity is not a function of your chaste body but also a function of the state of your mind, heart and soul.#Singlesdate

15. Someone said he wanted to get married early to control his sexual urge. The truth is marriage won\’t stop the urge, it only gives you a freedom of action.#Singlesdate

16. What happens when your partner is not available? That\’s where sexual purity comes in. The mind is a battlefield. The entrance of the soul is the mind.#Singlesdate

17. While growing up, I battled with lustful desires. My mind was so corrupted. I could not concentrate on better things even during prayers.#Singlesdate

18. I have had sex so many times in my mind with different crush and celebrities. I just felt that was the safest route but I was wrong.#Singlesdate

19. People are usually quick to raise their hands when asked if they are still virgins. My dear, you may have lost it long ago. You need to be rooted in Christ.#Singlesdate

20. There is a need to guard the mind against lustful desires. Sexual urge is normal for humans, that\’s why you need knowledge on how to rely on the Holyspirit.#Singlesdate

21. You need to concious of what goes into your mind. I repeat , invest on mind boosters and kill every mind killers.#Singlesdate

22. Whatever goes into your mind can germinate and grow fruits. You need to avoid materials and friends that keeps corrupting your mind.#Singlesdate

23. My point here is this, don\’t just aim at being a virgin, aim at being pure in your heart, mind, soul and body.#Singlesdate

24. Don\’t be deceived by guys and ladies who ask you to exchange your love with sexual pleasures. Flee from such appearances.#Singlesdate

25. If you are planning to lose your virginity soon, please have a rethink. Feed your mind with the right thoughts and nourishment.#Singlesdate

26. How can you stay pure? That\’s the first stage. Get rooted in Christ. How? Fellowship with him in prayers and word. Meditation and fellowship is key.#Singlesdate

27. Ask God to help you. You need a renewal of your mind. So what happens when God does His part? You are to yield to him with prompt action. How?#Singlesdate

28.  Deliberately avoid anything that can trigger your mind. You may not have control over what you see or hear but you can stop it from germinating.#Singlesdate

29. Stay clear of anybody or items that keeps indulging your mind in lustful desires. Evil communication corrupts good manners.#Singlesdate

30. Get busy! Stop being idle. Use the self confession tool. Keep declaring even as you work towards sexual purity. It is attainable!#Singlesdate

31. Please don\’t go into a relationship that wants to rob you off your dignity and birthright. May the Lord help you to guard your mind.#Singlesdate

32. Don\’t feel less because you have lost your virginity, rather work towards the pressing prize, to remain chaste and pure in mind.#Singlesdate

33. I await your questions and contributions. Thanks for the retweet and favorite. I rise like a King\’s daughter. I am a #NewEve.#Singlesdate

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