Hello friends! This is a compilation of tweets I did on the platform of #SinglesDate, hosted by @relcapsules.

Singles, Boo and Bae alike, #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these “wise words” before you walk down the aisle! Stay blessed!

1)Good evening, tweeps! I count it an honour and privilege to be a guest on this edition of #SinglesDate. Thanks @relcapsules for the invite

2)Am going to be sharing with the Singles in the house but uncles, aunties, friends and parents that love them are also welcome #SinglesDate

3)You might just be the one to remind them of these “wise words” in time of confusion and doubt b4 the D-Day #SinglesDate

4. Firstly, we need to understand that courtship comes before taking the final plunge(marriage) #SinglesDate

5)It is that period when a man and a woman gets to know each other after they have agreed to start a relationship leading to marriage #SinglesDate

6)So dear Bae & Boo, pay attention to the following wise words if indeed you plan to walk down the aisle #SinglesDate

7)Time is an asset to any relationship especially marriage. So take your time. Don’t rush. #SinglesDate

8)A person’s real character has a way of making an appearance overtime #SinglesDate

9)At the same time don’t let the courtship be overlong except either of you is still in school or travelled #SinglesDate

10)It’s an opportunity to get to know each other better via communication. Ask questions about his beliefs/background/goals etc #SinglesDate

11)Read between the lines. Seek to understand him/her. It’s a moment of truth. Avoid every form of deception #SinglesDate

12)If there is anything in your past he/she needs to know, divulge it earlier on in the relationship #SinglesDate

13)Give him or her the benefit of doubt. Don’t wait till the marriage date is set before dropping your bombshell #SinglesDate

14)Knowing fully well he/she might not have the nerve to call off the wedding! You have already laid a wrong foundation for your home #SinglesDate

15)Do your background check. The place of the Holy Spirit can’t be overemphasized here. He will reveal things about your partner to you #SinglesDate

16)In getting to know each other, avoid ‘knowing’ each others’ bodies. Sex is a no no! #SinglesDate

17)Premarital sex erodes trust, breeds suspicion and brings guilt. Avoid it by all means. #SinglesDate

18)The sexual urge is VERY strong and can defy the best of intentions so avoid being alone in secluded places for too long #SinglesDate

19)Don’t be blinded with lust! Fornication blinds you from seeing the red flags in your relationship #SinglesDate

20)Yes, love is great but definitely not blind! Go in with your eyes wide open! Love is more than just a feeling! #SinglesDate

21)Love is a commitment; a decision! Your intended is not perfect and neither are you. #SinglesDate

22)He/she is coming with a lot of baggage into the marriage relationship, are you willing to unpack with him/her? #SinglesDate

23)Learn each others’ Love Languages. Learn what makes he/she ticks. Don’t overlook what you can’t tolerate hoping to change him/her #SinglesDate

24)As a Single, it’s essential to discover your purpose and possibly doing something in that line before getting engaged #SinglesDate

25)LRT Why? It helps both of you to know right early if you are going in the same direction in life. Can two walk together except they agree? #SinglesDate

26)Do you have your parents’ blessing? If you don’t, please soft pedal. Find out the bone of contention. #SinglesDate

27)Involve your pastors or elders in your family. Don’t let it be said that you disregarded their opinion #SunglesDate

28)Look into their grievances and reservations. Allay their fears! Get their blessings! #SinglesDate
29)Sort this out anyway you can else you may be setting yourself up for untold anguish in the future @SinglesDate

30)Issues like genotypes, blood groups, salaries, where to stay etc should be discussed and a compromise reached #SinglesDate

31)For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife! Marriage is for a MAN and a WOMAN! #SinglesDate

32)Is he a ‘Mummy’s Boy’? I once heard of a husband that had to visit his mum every evening after work to take his dinner before coming home. #SinglesDate

33)Is she a ‘Daddy’s Girl’? She has to run everything by her Dad before she makes her decisions? #SinglesDate

34)Adam was alone in the garden of Eden but not lonely! Check yourself, are you in the relationship ‘cos of loneliness? #SinglesDate

35)Deliberately cultivate friendship with your intended during courtship. Soulmates aren’t born but made! #SinglesDate

36)Developing friendship relationship is an important factor to a long and lasting relationship in marriage #SinglesDate

37)I guess before you propose or you accepted his proposal as the case might be, you must have been convinced #SinglesDate

38)Before you walk down the aisle is the time to prove these proposed marriage convictions #SinglesDate

39)By the time you are finally getting married, having taken the aforementioned ‘wise words’ into consideration… #SinglesDate

40)…you should be sure you have made the right decision by marrying YOUR FRIEND if not your best friend! #SinglesDate

41)Investing all you can into your future marriage is no where comparable to the fuss we make getting prepared for the wedding day! #SinglesDate

42)In summary, if after all these soul searching, you are still very uneasy or you feel pressured into the courtship, please get out! #SinglesDate

43)Have you not heard? A broken courtship is preferable to a broken marriage or home! Be courageous to release your intended #SinglesDate


45)But if your relationship passed these ‘litmus tests’, go ahead trusting God to uphold you and your fiance(e). God’s got your backs! #SinglesDate

46)Wishing you all the best in your relationships! You will not miss it! You will not miss out! Your marital destiny is secured! #SinglesDate

47)Once again, I say thank you to @relcapsules for inviting me. In the multitude of counsels, there is wisdom

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