UNADDICTED INTENSIVE: How To Overcome Masturbation, Pornography and Sexual Addiction

Faith based approach, real life experiences, practical hacks and no judgment zone.

Masturbation is a compulsive habit that affects the young and old, the singles and married including Christians and other religions.

In most cases, it is a means to an end. A habit that fills a void or soothes an emotional need. It thrives in secrecy and causes shame, guilt, and a confused mind.

You probably have gotten tired of battling this addiction. You have prayed, fasted, read different blogs and listened to different videos but you keep struggling.

You have threatened yourself to stop and you have even tried engaging in other activities but at the thought of a trigger and re-occurrence of an anchor, you find yourself back in the same spot.

You feel very dirty, weird, and helpless. This is a struggle that have probably haunted you for 7, 10, 13, or even 20 years. You have tried to stop but nothing seems to work. I understand you clearly and I can relate with it all. That rise and fall journey that makes you feel like a victim? The disappointment in your face when you enjoy the pleasure and awaken to the reality of another fall?

What if there is something you do not know that is taking you back to that habit?

What if you could learn what it takes to defeat this habit and take charge of your life again?

Sexual addictions includes pornography, masturbation, lust, voyeurism, uncontrolled desire for sex etc, which can affect you mentally, emotionally, health-wise, your focus, your spirituality and your relationship or marriage. It can lead to a deeper sexual addiction or sexual anorexia that can affect your marriage when you finally find the one you love. It is a trap and a bondage you need to be set free from. It is a journey but you need the BODY-SOUL-SPIRIT intervention for effective freedom.

Why You Should Join This Holistic Solution Driven Program

See Feedback from those who permitted us to share. This is just a bit of it since many of the feedback shared were very personal and we respect their identity.

I must say that I am really grateful to God for all that He has done.

When I received the word that I would be delivered, I didn’t know how it would happen. But then it came in the form of your program. It might seem small but I felt I should share
It’s been exactly 30 days and I’ve not yielded to temptations and I’ve not fallen since the last time I spoke with you.
Each day it gets better and I feel stronger

I had fallen into the trap of masturbation for many years as a teenager and into my twenties. I thought I had conquered this addiction when I quit, but the habit came back again after many years. Every time I would fall, shame,guilt and condemnation would come over me. I hated myself for doing such a horrible act. I asked God for help and mercy.

Then I saw the Unaddicted program on @secretplacewife’s Instastory, I was already down in the dumps at this time. When I saw this post, I knew it was for me, and I signed up immediately.

I made sure to listen to the videos and do all the assignments.

There were so many golden nuggets and truths that I learned which opened my eyes, from going back into my past to understand my childhood, to understanding my mind and the love God has for me.

The key takeaway for me is the “Towards Motivation” mindset. This blew my mind.

Good morning Aunty Nike. I really want to appreciate you for everything. Meeting you is Divinely arranged and I know it. These 4 weeks has been blessed from back to back.

You see that follow up you do on mails and WhatsApp, God will bless you. It takes a whole lot of patience and endurance to be consistent because I know it’s not everyone who responds.

Thank you for being real, I am seriously journalling, reading the 40 days fast from negative thinking, pleading the blood of Jesus over my gateways.

You move to higher dimensions in your calling, the resources to fulfil your calling is given to you in abundance, you have God’s best of everything more than you can imagine or think.

In the morning of Unaddicted, I had a dream. In it you told me to follow you and you were going to show me some things. So we had to lodge at a guest house and it was going to be a program. When I followed, you asked me to wait and you need to freshen up. I went out of the house, a woman wearing a black cloth followed me and she really disturbed me. I ran back into the house and I sat in the living room, the woman followed me, then I screamed: Jesus. She evaporated. You came in and asked me to follow you.

As at then I didn’t know Intensive was coming. So when I got the slot to be on intensive, I was so glad and I knew the end to satan’s grip has come.

And it has.
Thanks for the eye opening modules. Thanks for the privilege. Thanks for the prayers. Thanks for showing me the prayers to pray, to depend on the Holy Spirit more than ever. Thanks for the strategies you gave.

It has really helped.

This is not just a quick fix, it is a holistic approach that shows you the BODY - SOUL - SPIRIT DIMENSION to gaining the victory you need


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Get full access to me while learning

  • Full access to course
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  • Confessions and supporting resources
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I’m trying to compose my thoughts but the holy spirit won’t let me….

I celebrate you ma, I remembered there was a time that I would promise myself not to masturbate, but the next thing I know I have done it…

The funny part is that even in the process the love of God will be shouting my name but my eyes were veiled not to understand….

Now I know better, the battle starts from my mind but I fight from the vantage point of victory, for I am not a victim…

The love of the Father over me is too deep for a demonic influence to take it away…

You Coach, you’re one of the blessings of God for me in this pandemic…

I overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the words of my testimony…

Thank you so much for doing this!

Words are not enough. This is beyond surreal. The voice in my head had been telling me this is the new normal, but the Spirit sent You.

I’m someone who’s very analytical and can break down why a thing works the way it does but for some reason I couldn’t deconstruct this addiction and the spectrum of experiences that come with it and now thanks to this program I can better understand what’s going on.

Meet Me Here

Nike Adedokun Folagbade helps men and women experience emotional healing and personal transformation thereby being able to build healthy relationships. She is a personal transformational and family life coach. A vivid encourager, equipper and nurturer who leads the coaching/consultation services at NIKE FOLAGBADE INTERNATIONAL

She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Results Coach. She is also an associate of Family Systems Engineering and an Emotional intelligence and Anger management coach. She is also a SYMBIS certified facilitator who helps engaged couples with Pre-Marital counseling

Nike was listed among the 2019 100 most inspiring young people in Nigerian. In 2015, she was recognized as the best sexuality advocate and in 2014, she won the third relationship blog in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have life access to this course?

You have access for a year but we prefer that you follow through during the program so that you can get coordinated help in the process.

I will like to stay anonymous, will this be possible?

Sure, you will be receiving your class details and information via direct email so it is between you and I. 

Will this work or it is just one of those googled information?

No, it is not, this is a direct revelation from God, also based on adequate research, experience and result from people that works. You will surely experience a mind shift, healing and deliverance in the process. You will also need to be disciplined about implementation.

What if I want to recommend this program to my friends too?

That will be amazing. Kindly download the picture above and share the link to this page with them. If you successfully bring in 5 people who pay for the program, we will give you a free slot.



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