Understanding The State Of Your Mind In Relationships 2


For proper understanding of this topic, read the first part here: Understanding The State Of Your Mind In Relationships 1

Now that you have discovered that there is an issue, let\’s look at the steps we need to take to resolve them.

SELF AWARENESS- How much are you aware of yourself? Do you know YOU? Who do you live for?

Why did you become like that? Why have you made such choices? How did you grow up? What mistakes have you made in the past that has conditioned you to live in regrets?

What abuse did you go through while young that made you result to being with anybody no matter what?

Now, ask yourself, what bad choices have you made? Why are you in that relationship?

What reminds you of your bad state? Can you remember when you ever wanted the best?

Please be sincere to yourself!

A lady said she needed help from consistently wanting sex but wants to date a new guy if he can help her love herself. What kind of help is that?

The best place to know you is to find YOU in YOU. Sit down and read your mind.

Write down things if possible.

I sat down one day and wrote 15 habits that affects me emotionally. Wow! 15 right? But I was sincere and it helped me. How sincere are you?

Is he constantly beating you up? Why are you still there? For money, fame or?????

Ask people about your flaws, understand your flaws. Without this, you can\’t manage and master yourself.

Why are you after her even when she is all for your money? For beauty, low self esteem, sex, chores or ????

You would need to be aware of yourself before you can even start a relationship but you are in one already, okay, find yourself!

SELF MANAGEMENT: Let’s manage the real you now if you are sincere with yourself! How much do you love you?

I know you have made mistakes, I did too but you need to forgive yourself before you can let go and Move on.

For long, I blamed myself for being with someone who never appreciated me. I cried and wailed but it kept limiting me. I needed to Forgive!

Loving and forgiving yourself everyday is another big step to stability. You need it, be sincere. Even with this, you would need to undo the act by sincerely seeking within the cause of the problem and the next way to go.

SELF MASTERY: Be in charge! Tackle your self image. Drop the ego if you want to be stable. Do not let your mind deceive you.

You need to let go and Move on. Do not let your NEXT suffer for your EX-Grace Festus

Do an inside out check on yourself. Write down everthing that limits you.

Friends, parents, yourself, experiences, whatever, let\’s tackle!

Whatever you believe, with emotion,
becomes your reality. Watch it!

My friend got married and told me she knew she would have a bad marriage but she is scared of letting go.

Please be wise! You feel good about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your life.

Take charge.

Likes attracts Likes.

You would keep attracting that unstable person until you position yourself positively.

What do you dwell on? What books? movies? social media platforms? All these things can affect you. Dwell on positive things.

Do not think love is like the bollywood and the romance novels? Finding you is the best gift you can give yourself.

Before you start another relationship,
find out about YOU and be in charge.

No more mistakes, learn from others not you.

Attend seminars, read educative books , feed on mind boosters not mind nuisance. Your company matters too.

When last did you do a self Evaluation? Make it daily. Whatever you dwell upon grows andbexpands in your life.

In my ebook, “Relationship Guardrails For Him and Her” , I highlighted a whole lot more.

You matter to me!

Lastly, engage in Positive self talk daily. You become who you think and say you are. Create positive mental pictures too.

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Choose to stay healthy and live purified.

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