Understanding The State Of Your Mind In Relationships 1


How stable are you?

Emotional stability refers to being balanced in your mind and emotions.

You have to function properly to make right decisions.

“If you must conquer your mind, you must first learn to control your mind”.

I once had a relationship that meant the whole world to me but I wasn’t balanced. Not only did my relationship crash, I also crashed with it.

“If you must have a healthy relationship, you must be stable”.

There are a lot of reasons why you may not be stable, ranging from your upbringing, environment & experiences.

We grew up facing various things and also witnessing more which has changed our approach to love and friendship.

I do not blame so many people enduring and suffering in their relationships, they just
haven’t understood their being totally.

Listen up! Before you go chasing
relationships, you need to first chase
yourself, understand and master YO U.

Let me give you few signs that you are not stable because to be real, 85% of people are not stable and you might be one of them.

If you are always comparing your life with others and always wishing that your partner acts like Joseph or she acts like Toke, you are comparing.

If you always wish to be like your partner ex or go through excessive means to please your partner, you may be going through low-self esteem.

You could be abused verbally, physically and emotionally and still prefer to endure for the
sake of his wealth or her beauty.

Some people are so desperate because of a stigma like Age wise, having a child, looking fat, lack of money et al’.

If you have to send nude pictures to keep him down or you have to buy expensive hair and shoes to keep her, then you are not stable.

If you are seeing warning signs and not responding but managing, then you are not stable.

Since you have seen some signs now, there has to be a reason and a way out.

Start by asking yourself, what is the genesis of this? When did I start settling for less?

I went through verbal and emotional abuse but I stayed because I didn’t love myself or didn’t know my worth.

I know of a lady who is always been beaten up, insulted by her boyfriend and other vices but said “If she leaves him, she would die” so she stayed.

All these happen because we are yet to understand our worth. Why chase wifehood when you don’t understand womanhood.

So many men move according to their erection. Manhood is different from Husbandhood, seek the first first.

Some people live in regrets, envy, self pity, competition and so many menaces they have found themselves in, Why?

If you grew up witnessing your dad beat up your mother, you may follow suit if you don’t get stable- UPBRINGING.

If you watched your mother always date different men to survive, you may be the next except you get stable.-UPBRINGING.

If you have been abused, raped, jilted, be sure that your emotions could be shattered, you would need to get stable first.-EXPERIENCES.

If you got jilted by different ladies while growing up, you may be very unstable with other ladies.-EXPERIENCES.

If you grew up in an environment that were fond of messing up ladies or dating guys for money, you may walk in the same shoe-

All these are what could have made you unstable: EXPERIENCES, UPBRINGING, & ENVIRONMENT.

Until you recover, you would keep living in regrets, pain, stress, bad choices and bad relationships.

Where do you belong?

Now that you know what instability is , the effects and causes, let’s move to how to get stable.

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Choose to stay healthy and live purified.

2 thoughts on “Understanding The State Of Your Mind In Relationships 1”

  1. Tnx so much Nike, I luv dis write up. I’m found wanting in d 3 point u listed, I grew up among big uncles nd frnds dat dnt hv regards for ladies, wiv all d experiences I had den it has only helped my relationship go down d drain… ‘D problem is I was deeply in luv wit her n she reali does but I was busy misbehaving. Buh now she’s gone and it hurts….

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