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Hello awesome minds. It\’s another beautiful moment on #SinglesDate. I\”m excited to be here again.

Today\’s edition seems different and loaded. It is on health topics. Your health is important for you to succeed.#SinglesDate

As we continue, May the Lord enlighten our hearts and fill us with his power. #SinglesDate

We would be hosting two great minds who are doctors. @withdrmalik and @solafajana . @NikeAdedokun would take the last part

@withdrmalik would open this session as he tweets on \”Medical Compatibility before you say \”I Do\”. Before you tie the knots, please read this.

@withdrmalik is a health personnel and sex therapist and also blogs on www.withdrmalik.org.  Please let\’s welcome him.#SinglesDate

Thank you very much @withdrmalik for those great content. Am sure lives would have been saved now.#SinglesDate

If you have questions, begin to roll them in. Mention @withdrmalik for answers.

Now, it\’s time to bring in the bext guest who is also a wellness strategist, change agent and medical doctor @solafajana

He would be sharing on \”Living Healthy Tips For Singles and Married\”. Please let\’s welcome @solafajana for his session.#SinglesDate

Thank you so much Doc! That was powerful. So much to learn from. Am blessed to have you here @solafajana .#SinglesDate

Now it\’s time to welcome our host @NikeAdedokun for the last session as she tweets on \”Positive habits for mental fitness\”.

1. Hello friends. It\’s good to be back again. I must say that to successfully live healthy, you must take charge of your mind.#SinglesDate

2. Don\’t be surprised if you don\’t follow up with what @withdrmalik & @solafajana has said. I would tell you why!#SinglesDate

3. Our emotions react to situations, people and objects. The will power takes the active effort.#SinglesDate

4. If your mind decides to continue with your old habits, you would have to fight back to create the changes which I would be listing.

5. Mental Fitness refers to being emotionally balanced and stable to take charge of your life.#SinglesDate

6. You don\’t need to change your food, location, dress, make up, et al to succeed. You need a different mind set.#Mindshift#SinglesDate

7. Let me quickly list out 10 ways to develop mental fitness. Please take note and be Deliberate about it.#SinglesDate

8. (A) Conduct a mind evaluation test: How much do you listen to yourself? What language does your mind speak? Negative or Positive?

9. You would keep acting out of impulse until you listen to your mind and decide whether to comply with the rules or fight back.#SinglesDate

10. For instance, if your mind says steal, eat junks, sleep all day, criticise people, have premarital sex, double dating, cheat et al 1/2

11. Would you comply or react? You would need to be sure your mind is pushing you towards the right or wrong route before you respond.

12. Make it mandatory that you conduct an evaluation test on where your mind is leading to daily. #SinglesDate

13. Think of the end from the beginning. Question your thoughts and actions. Think rightly.#SinglesDate

14. (B) Draw positive pictures mentally: What kind of pictures do you create about yourself and what you do?#SinglesDate

15. Where do you see yourself heading to? What do you think of your family, health, ministry, career, finances et al\’? Are you always negative?

16. The pictures you have in your head can affect how your mind reacts and how you live your life. Also determines who you attract.

17. No matter the situation you are in, always look ahead positively. Not easy but it pays. Worry doesn\’t produce anything.

18. (C) Love yourself: When you don\’t love yourself, you would see and think negative. Your mind language would always be negative.

19. You are not a mistake or a waste. Your life is heading somehwere. Quit the self pity. You owe yourself this love for God loves you too.

20. Loving yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself. It would require your deliberate effort.#SinglesDate

21. (D). Associate with positive people: Your friends can affect your mindset and output. I have always loved the company of great minds.

22. You would begin to think and act like one. Don\’t settle for less. Don\’t remain with time wasters. #SinglesDate

23. (E) Develop a positive value code: Your value system makes up your life. Are you disciplined? Fair? Loyal? Trustworthy? 1/2

24. Do you strive for excellence? All these would determine what you settle for. Have a list of values that would guide you & your thought life.

25. (F). Watch your health habits. What do you take in? How often do you rest?  Rest is mandatory. Our guests have said it all.

26. Build a regular health routine and see how it works. That body needs to be healthy to function.#SinglesDate

27. Your visusal life can affect your vision. What do you constantly see, read & take in can influence you nega/posit- ively.#SinglesDate

28. (G). Start taking actions! Actions don\’t just form up in a step, it is gradual and a long term process. It requires more effort.#SinglesDate

29. Are you trying to stop an habit? Are you trying to correct a mistake? Write them down and troubleshoot. What new changes would you make?

30. It won\’t happen in a day so get ready to set goals and plansbto achieve all you want. This would relieve you of stress.

31. Arrange your goals according to more priority and difficult. When you achieve them first,  others become easy.

32. Your mental health can worsen with stress so you need to learn to manage your time, day, resources and ideas.#SinglesDate

33. (H). Confess what you want with the right motive. You are what you say you are! Speak right and positive but with good motives.

34. I will become the president by tomorrow won\’t work. Be specific and reasonable but don\’t underestimate yourself also

35. (I). Engage in mind development: Always read books, listen to audios, attend seminars/workshop to keep learning, relearning and unlearning.

36. An average Nigerian doesn\’t find it reasonable to invest in knowledge but invest only in pleasures. Readers are Leaders!

37. (J) The last part is for you to enjoy the best nature of life. Smile daily. Forgive people for your own freedom. Learn new things.

38. Be patient! Breathe! Have fub! Make new friends! Tour around! Enjoy the wonderful nature of God.#SinglesDate

39. Thank you for staying with me. I await your questions. Thanks for the retweets and feedback. I sign out.#SinglesDate

40. Thanks to our guest for a successful session @withdrmalik & @solafajana . Wow! I need to apply all of this too. Join me.

Choose to stay healthy and live purified.

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