I would love to share something real and practical with you.

I have counselled and trained a lot of people on understanding their whole being, emotions, sexuality and relationships and I must say that a lot of changes have occurred for them.

I have realized that a lot of people suffer from

various mental and emotional issues

that they are either aware of or not. Some can\’t admit it due to various reasons while some eagerly needs help.

It goes beyond going online seeking for help around, you may definitely need a personal coaching on this subject.

A lot of people don\’t want to admit that they need special counselling on relationships yet they come for help when danger sets in but you are lucky to get a material that encompasses a lot you should know before starting a relationship, evaluating your current relationship, building the necessary capacity, overcoming sexual related issues and also serves as a guideline tool for the married who have lost their special fire spark.

Sincerely, relationships are becoming a problem for people. A lot of people feel it is so easy to just start one, at least talking to ladies ain\’t difficult for some men while it is for some.

I have learnt that the same way we take our time to read and prepare for exams or even join the learning phase in our institutions is the same way it works in other spheres of life.

So many people have concluded that there is no reason to learn the skills of building and keeping a relationship but am here to tell you that it is a SUPER LIE.

Romance is a skill, communication is a skill, Listening is a skill that needs to be learnt.

It doesn\’t necessary mean that you would learn it in the four walls of the school but you would need to deliberately learn what it takes from experts and professionals in their fields or other people\’s genuine experiences on them or would you rather learn from all your failures alone? Why not learn from others and avoid the pitfalls.

Negligence on this has led so many people into issues like heartbreaks, infidelity, depression et al\’.

I learnt the hard way, but I want you to learn better. I had issues with communication, self esteem, romance, responsibilities and so many parts of life.

Your relationships would keep crumbling until you understand the dynamics.

To avoid getting heart broken and struggling with keeping your relationships, I would encourage you to read this book and save yourself from so many stress.

It has become conventional that people go in & out of relationships, chase validation from people & end up hurt.


The over 100 pages Ebook; \”RELATIONSHIP GUARDRAILS FOR HIM AND HER\” would do the following:

***Give you a deeper & better understanding on the word \”Love\” beyond the Hollywood & Harlequin meaning.

***Teach you how to love yourself wholly which can help you make right decisions in life to avoid hurt & mistakes.

***Rediscover your purpose in making you relevant in life & help you in choosing your partner for marriage.

***Become a responsible adult & learning to act right rather than blaming your past, parents, friends & everyone for every mistakes made.

***Put you through the capability test to make you ready physically, emotionally, financially & spiritually.

***En-route your mind to the role of friendship & how much it can determine the strength of your relationship.

***Reveal the place of romance in your relationship with the degrees & extent at which intimacy should be ignited.

***Help you with sexual addictions & some truths about sex.

***Explain the role of love languages in strengthening your relationships & various ways of spicing it up.

***Includes power points, evaluation test & study guides that would prompt your thinking & will into actions that can change your life.

This book would reposition you as a better partner, re-ignite your current relationship & act as a guide for the married too but here is the deal.

I would love to give you value first to gear you up about my need to help you position yourself for better relationships and well being.


You can read up the first two chapters for free and see if it\’s worth the read.

I\’m giving you two chapters from my E-book for free

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