Hello! What You Should Know About Seeking Love Early


Growing up as a teenager was a mix of fun and pain because I was mostly shut out of my real world. I wasn\’t allowed to express myself the right way and be myself so I started seeking validation in the arms of men.

I have always been warned about not starting early but I just needed a comfort zone and a place of safety. Oh, I was hurt and betrayed but I stayed still. I searched for more arms but they kept breaking me.

I had a voice as a teen, I needed to be heard and seen but no one felt my pain, so seeking validation became my theme. At the end, it all ended in a bad state.

So I realised, loving is beyond emotions, and the butterfly feelings in my tummy. It is beyond acting like my peers just to join the status quo. It is beyond going out for fun and getting popcorn and ice-creams at cinemas. Loving too early was a major mistake I made but I eventually drew my strength from it.

I have realised that life is in stages and phases. Why try to jump to the senior stage when am yet to understand the world of the junior ways.

Why jump into a relationship when am yet to find myself? Why get shattered when my emotions are still moulding up? Why impress my friends when they haven\’t even shown me the true love I need?

Do I need to have experimented? No!
Did I need a colder arms? No!
Was it worth it? A bigger NO!

So what about the pains I feel? What about my unheard voice? Yeah! I know but still take it easy. One day, you would have more space for that.  A buildng isn\’t built in a day. A plant doesn\’t grow in a day, it starts from planting the seed and a child shouldn\’t grow up in a day. He has to cry, crawl, depend on the mother before ever becoming an adult. Consider yourself growing up and learning better. Consider yourself as a caterpillar about to transform into a butterfly and fly out there.

Don\’t break your arms too early. This is for every one out there who is yet to be ready at heart for the world called \”Relationships\”.

So I would say, start early in loving yourself, finding yourself and finding your unique voice. Then at the right time, You would find someone who would be atttacted to your unique self and by then you would have discovered purpose, become emotionally stable, sexually sane and the likes. In this way, you would have positioned yourself to attract the right kind of man or woman.

I love you enough to say, don\’t try starting early, it would hurt you more because the world is bigger than that stage. I have been there so I know better to guide you. But hey! Do you love yourself? Start seeking within now!

Choose to stay healthy and live purified.

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