Hello Married Doveys! How To Have A Great Sex!

How to have a Great Sex Life

Ideally and biblically, sex is intended for those who are married but with the way the world is today, we all know this has not been the norm. Anyway, the issue of “sex” is a very broad and elaborate topic that cannot be exhausted in a day. It is one of the fundamental bedrock of any relationship and if not clearly understood can lead to its break-up.

Knowing what “sex” is, how can one have a great experience?

Be knowledgeable:
To be the master at something, you have to know all you can about it. There is nothing wrong in doing some research about it in order to be better at the act. Read books and surf the net to know more.

Understand your partner:
Whether you like it or not, communication and commitment is the key in a relationship. If you do not learn to open up to your partner, then you will not enjoy your relationship. When it comes to “sex,” you need to know what turns the other person on, what he/she likes and does not like, the parts of the body that are sensitive to touch or kisses etc. There is no reason to be shy about all these because it will go a long way in determining how great your sex life will be.

Take it slow:

Most times, either party might want a quick action which might not lead to the satisfaction of the other person, sex should not be the main meal all the time, you can start off with a bit of fore play before having the main course. Women especially enjoy fore play as much as sex itself. So knowing how to place a balance will aid fulfilment. You can move on a slow pace and gradually increase the tempo.

Limit the selfish act:
The human body is complex so also men and women are wired differently. To fully appreciate and enjoy one another in any given relationship, both of you need to derive satisfaction from one another. If one party is happy and the other is not, then that would not go down well.

Try being flexible:
Sex should be fun for both parties. You should not limit yourself to just one sex style when you can explore other styles and positions. Being diverse when performing the act will definitely add some spice to the whole experience. Try making small romantic talk when in the act; you really don’t have to be quiet. Some people do not like making sounds but it does help in letting your partner know that you are enjoying what he/she is doing and propels them to do more.

Simply enjoy the whole process. Sex is great but it can be greater.

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