Healing Is A Process By Bayo Osinowo


Healing is a Process by Bayo Osinowo (Author of Resisting the Lure of Sin)

Overtime I have discovered that a person can become so accustomed to Iranu (coping with disadvantages of afflictions that those disadvantages eventually seem comfortable), even desirable.


Many a times you see people being in an abusive relationship and feeling comfortable with it. They fail to desire to be healed, Bartimaeus, the blind beggar in the Bible, was totally dependent on others. If he were healed, it would mean he would have to become responsible for his own survival. He would have to learn to work at a place and not sit and beg all day. His reasons for not living a more productive life would no longer be valid. People would no longer be willing to help him.

Healing would mean a drastic change in his lifestyle. Yet he enthusiastically exclaimed to Jesus, \”I want to regain my sight.\”

You must desire to be healed from emotional wounds and abusive relationship and have a new start. Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

An adjustment period takes place based on the changes we feel. It is always positive. If you are still feeling negative about something or someone, then you have not finished crying. In the end, this process does not bring you to a place that is unloving or angry. It always takes you to a place that is loving and forgiving. It brings you to a new place of understanding others and gives you the courage to change your life.

The work you do to heal your past hurts will bring balance to your life. No longer will you rely only on mind for the answers to what is true or real or right. Your healed soul will be able to enrich your life in immeasurable ways. It is the most life-affirming process that you could ever experience.

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