What Some Ladies Do That Can Destroy Their Relationships

There are some things ladies do that can affect their relationships but I want to talk on \”The use of a woman\’s tongue and time\” Proverbs 15: 2 ;\”The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright, but the mouth of the fools poureth out foolishness.\”And that was how I entered a salon and met some set of ladies, I will call them a clique. They were busy ranting (yeah, because they were making noise in our ears) about where their boyfriends have taken them to and how he spoils them and I wondered in my heart ( you mean we still have this kind of dumb ladies in this world), no, they must have dropped from mars. How can five ladies sit down for hours gossiping about their boyfriend\’s abilities to each other? To me, I could sense a string of friendship filled with envy and oppression. They are just trying to impress themselves. The conversation would have continued for long , thanks to one of them who received an emergency call they all had to attend to.
Okay! Chill, ladies in the house, you are guilty. Wait, we are all guilty here. Must you tell all? Can\’t our mouths be sealed or we need padlocks. I remember the paul said to the church then that \” ladies should be silent in the church\”. Paul sure knows why. Paul must have understood the nature of women. It is just so common. Its not a crime to sit and gist but when the talks gets baseless, you need to opt out or flee!
Its joblessness to wake up in the morning, sneak to your friend\’s\’room or hostel and start gossiping about it all. We do it, yes you! It\’s a demeaning act I must confess. Only women with plans for their day would get busy and focus. You go online and all you do is chat all through the day. Can\’t you make good use of the social media. And then ladies will complain, \” Guys don\’t keep their promises\”. Who wants to stick to a jobless lady? You will only attract your kind of person. Stop deceiving yourself.
Your mouth can destroy your relationship if you don\’t use it well. When you tell all your friends about your partner, sure they would start eyeing him too. Why not mind the kinds of friends you keep. I love ladies who knows when to talk and when to shut it. No man wants a lousy woman. Your voice should not be heard everywhere. Even if you were stepped on, attend to the person politely, it must have been a mistake. All these ranting about what your partner does wouldn\’t help but put your relationship in jeopardy. A wise woman surely knows how to be silent and knows when to talk.
Most ladies need to be like King solomon and ask God for wisdom. Sure, wisdom to run the heart and not the mouth. Am saying this on behalf of Most men out there, they don\’t want lousy, jobless women. Learn how to be a virtuous woman for your future and partner. Proverbs 31 will do you more justice there. This post is not to condemn ladies but to show them the right path by learning to shut their mouth attimes.
Be wise. Your future partner could be watching you around, you know,*smiles*. Use your time wisely and your mouth should be for good purposes.
Stay Blessed.

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