When Love Goes Beyond A Promise


Most people believe that being in a healthy relationship means the feelings or passion can never fade.

From experience and research, it has shown that, few times during relationships, partners get  too busy or too familiar with themselves that the feelings begins to drop.

Sometimes you even forget the promise you made to each other in the beginning.

We have to be careful not to spill off when these occurs. Some partners have broken up because they felt nothing else could spark them up.

Truth is, relationships requires plenty hard work. Selflessness, commitment, communication and sacrifice have to be poured into your relationship all the time.

When last did you tell your partner how much they mean to you?

When last did you buy a gift?

When last did you say Thank you?



You need to make it work. It\’s not the love that keeps you going, it\’s the friendship. Friendship easily brings back the whole spark again.

Some people love each other but never take time to make it work, what kind of love is that?

Love is an action word not just a promise word.

Deliberate is the word. Intentional is key. Friendship is bae.

Make it work! Work! Work!

A relationship is supposed to stretch you and help you grow not keep you stuck. It\’s necessary to be very creative so as to enable your relationship remain spicy.
What do you need to do now?

Make that phone call now. Send that SMS now. Write that poem. End that fight. Buy that gift. Do something special. Help them with a service.

What do you think?

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