Why did I write this book?


I get worried when I see the state of most relationships these days.

People are going the wrong way and wanting the right things. Some people are
tired of searching and want to keep playing, cheating and double dating.
For some people, love doesn\’t exist. Some people say life is wicked, some
say good things don\’t come to them, some people have changed genders
while some have gone bisexual all in the name of looking for love.

I went through a hard time looking for what relationship means. I kept
on trying it all but it wasn\’t working. I failed many times and I\’m still a
work in progress.

I have had my heart broken and I\’m heading to a better
point but I need to warn you – the road isn\’t easy and becoming a better
person isn\’t easy but you need to work it out. Think about those times
when you focused on becoming a better person in school: you bought
books, went for lessons, studied, researched and all just to pass. That\’s
how you need to work on yourself and your relationship. Don\’t be

The fact that your friend, a full time prostitute or fraud, still
settled down with a beautiful package doesn\’t mean that that is the right
way and it doesn\’t mean things would be fine for them internally. If they
are able to work on themselves later on, they would become a beautiful
package too.


In this book, I have highlighted how your values matter a lot.

I also shared how you can understand, observe and point out your values.


I talked about how you need to take note of compatibility structures in your relationship


I also took time to explain why you attract some kinds of people, the power of attraction and how to attract better partners.


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