Do you have similar or clashing values?


It can be very painful talking with a person who doesn\’t understand your point in any way, it\’s like speaking to a robot and expecting a response.

In the office, there are some guys who sit around my desk and I always manage to hear some of their discussions when they are loud.

We often laugh together, maybe when there is a joke because most of the time, we end up clashing over each other\’s view. Most times, I like to talk like a person with a deep and enlightened view about life and relationships but for them, they don\’t see any reasons to be responsible about life. They feel it\’s all about fun all day long without considering the end. The issue is, no matter how sensible I sound, they end up saying I\’m too serious about everything.

I have tried many times to flow but we keep colliding.

This happens in our everyday life too. We try to flow with everyone forgetting that not everyone share our values and beliefs about life.

Is it not funny how two people in a relationship argue every time on issues?

Some people may qualify as your distance friend but not as a lover.

When you rush into a relationship with a stranger without understanding each other\’s values and perception about life, you end up like tom and jerry.

By the time a break up happens, you would begin to complain about how wicked love is. It\’s necessary to always build intentional friendship so you can ascertain who fits best as a lover to your adorable heart. You need to be able to speak the same language.

A man speaking English and a woman speaking Arabic at the same time cannot understand themselves except there is an interpreter but are there any interpreters in relationships? No!  This is more reason why you should be deliberate about your communication with people and observe their own values too. You don\’t need to force it.

My point is this, when you meet a new person, take your time to understand them and listen more. Don\’t try to make them become like you, that\’s why some people pretend just to get into your heart. Be yourself and encourage others to do the same too. Only then can you ascertain the best fit for your relationship while you work on understanding every other aspect of your lives together.

Maybe you should consider the following:

Would you begin to listen more to how people view life?

Can you be more deliberate about your friendship?

Do you share related views about life with  your current partner?

Have you understood your values and how to discern others values too?

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Let me know your view below.

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