What do you seek for in life?


You may not be living the life of your dreams because you focus more on what you don\’t want, rather than what you want. You focus on the bad rather than the good.

Sometimes, you even think in the right direction but suddenly change into the wrong direction when things don\’t go your way.

Sometimes, your negative unconscious beliefs stand in the road of your greatest desire.

If you want a life partner, instead of thinking that men and women are bad or good people are scarce these days, think about abundance. Think about meeting new people, making new friends, having more dates, going out often to reasonable places, been proposed to, talking to someone you like, meeting someone that will like you and so on.

If you want a great job, think about being favored, having successful interviews, discovering great opportunities and meeting relevant people.

Channel your thoughts in such a way that nothing negative, bad or unhealthy comes in between. You will definitely feel it when you think bad or good because our emotions can react.

This may not be easy but that\’s the first step into living your desired life. This is a principle that anyone can practice.

Cast down any wrong imaginations and arguments that doesn\’t profit your life, so the Bible says. If you must conquer your world, you must first learn to control your mind, so the Holy Spirit told me while praying a year back.

Your thoughts becomes reality because the universe receives the transmission and brings forth the necessary into place.

Think about meeting a particular mentor severally and the opportunity will present itself.

But it doesn\’t stop at just imagining, you need to do three things:

1. Don\’t stop seeking that positive thought. It should not be broken.

2. Take necessary actions to back up your faith.

3. Use opportunities wisely and always stay ready.

Few years back before I graduated, I got home and told my mother that I would be on television soon, I wasn\’t sure of what I would be speaking on, the channel or how it will happen but I stood on it. My mother laughed and ignored it but I sought for it more. This year, I have been on TV four times. I have ignored some radio opportunities due to the timing but I have also been to many stations. The most important thing is that, while I sought for it, I prepared for it.

So as you go into this new week, tell yourself better, positive and healthy things because you would get what you want.

This new week, I want to meet great people, I want to be favored, I want to make more money, I want to seek God more, I want to be ever healthy, I want to love my partner better, I want to take charge of my communities and platforms, I want to receive good news, I want to be featured on high places.

Speak forth what you want, seek it more and dwell on it.

Don\’t say, \”I don\’t want to fail, say, \’I will succeed.\’ Don\’t say,\” I don\’t want to be carnal in my thoughts\”, say, \”I will start thinking pure.\” Don\’t say,\” I don\’t want to be broke this week\”, say \”I\’m attracting riches and opportunities.\”

Mind you, to become rich, it starts with:

1. An idea,
2. Opportunity and
3. A step.

Don\’t expect your thought to finish the process but act in faith with it.

The law of attraction doesn\’t understand the negative word, that\’s why I tell my clients during coaching sessions not to say \”Don\’t\” and related words in their conversations towards recovery\”.

When you say, I don\’t think I can make it, you are simply saying that you can\’t make it. Whatever thing you desire, don\’t say it in the negative form, use the positive form to attract it. Instead of saying, \”I don\’t want to be late to the office, say I need to wake up early and get to the office early.\”

You can create your future with your thought because the law of attraction works hand in hand with the law of creation. That was why, God said, let there be light and there was light. God already thought about what he wanted in his mind because you cannot speak forth without your mind processing it, then he spoke it and it came forth.

You want to get on stages to sing, crack comedy, speak, teach or more, begin by thinking it. The entire universe was created from a thought. Inventors thought about what they wanted before proceeding with the process of creation.

You want peace in your home, think it and permit it to manifest. As a man thinketh, so is he. As you think, so you are and that\’s what you attract.

Our mind is always working, even before you sleep, think on positive thoughts. Haven\’t you noticed that you mostly dream of what you were thinking about? Yeah, that\’s how life operates. You are always thinking and even as you read this piece, you are thinking, so think on pure things, positive things and let the Law of creation bring it forth.

If you like murmuring or complaining about situations and life, your mind will bring enormous thoughts that relates and keep you depressed for long. You also need to mind what you listen to or who you listen to. If someone complains to you, think positive and change the cause immediately. Don\’t join in and agree because more unwanted situations will present itself to you also.

Think about what you want, not what you don\’t want.

Nike Adedokun ©2016

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