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Women are delicate beings and are difficult to predict. So many men out there keep wondering why ladies change after some years in a relationship/marriage.A woman is like a flower, she loves to be nutured and pampered. She will bloom out all her beautiful colours to get your attention. She would do anything to be the best woman and the source of your joy but along the line, some feelings set in.They begin to feel like they have arrived. After marriage, most women feel there is no reason to do more since they have caught one man for themselves but some women still remain loyal.

A woman change can be natural, selfish or based on men attitudes’.Their dressing, thinking and actions changes as they grow.Women could change in size and in attitudes too.

Women change for so many reasons like:


Most men out there can pretend a lot too. Some men do all they can to get a lady but stops putting effort after a “YES” or “I DO” from her. They feel they have done their part already. If most men could keep being real and committed like in the beginning, so many heartbreaks would have been avoided. Why stop calling and texting her like you do before? Suddenly, a man realises how busy he is. “Oh am sorry, am too busy these days”. Why weren’t you that busy in the beginning? You opened the doors for her. You carried her bag for her. Why did you stop them? What about the “I love you” you kept saying to her every minute? Don’t you know that a woman needs to keep hearing and seeing somethings to be sure of her stands in your hearts. Hmmm, you better put more efforts even after you have gotten her or someone else to man your space for you.


Most women change when they feel they have gotten to their bus-stop. A woman’s joy is when she has a man to call her husband. Men want women to keep looking attractive and unique. It doesn’t matter if you have landed in a rich man’s nest.


When a man who you used to be more romantic and caring starts acting weird, a woman might change too. Women love to be nutured like i said at first, so when you stop being that “Good Fine Boy” to her, she might start loosing interest. Are you the kind of man that beats up your partner or spouse for every little thing? You can’t control your temperament so you find fun in boxing her, hmmmn, its better to be single than to be boxed in a love box called Relationship. She would totally change if you do this. You would loose your respect.


Women loves compliments too. She wants to feel appreciated for all she is doing. Its not easy for a woman to wake up to attend to chores, cook and arrange and yet prepare to go to work or  her business place, except she is an housewife and then when she gets back, all her husband does is shout the whole way like she is the maid. You need to show her some appreciation, love and respect too. If you want her to do more, compliment her more too.


Woooooo!!! Here we go, some men are big time flirt. Yea, they would flirt with anything found in skirts and trousers too*big smile*. Well, I think that when a man starts flirting a lot and start getting caught by the wife/fiancee, she would stop being the loving and respectful woman too. You can’t eat your cake and have it. If your wife can be faithful to you, what stops you from being faithful too. Though, some women could be flirts too but lets lay it on the men in this article. Respect is reciprocal. You will loose your respect when you cross the boundaries.


Bad influence can be a reason too. When a woman walks with friends who teaches her how to be rude and bad, she could become a Jeszebel overnight. We have a lot of delilahs out there and they don’t mind influencing other women too. When you notice a change in your woman in your relationship or marriage, watch out because she could be getting influenced by bad friends and company.


If a woman love was based on your money or your help out of self pity, she may begin to change after a while. We shouldn’t marry or be in a relationship out of pity. True love never fades but when that lust or infactuation stops, a woman can change totally.

Ooppps, maybe I forgot to add some you know, kindly add to the list by dropping your comments.

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