10 Things Guys Look Out For In Ladies

Guys seems to be impressed about some features in ladies but most ladies falls out of these laws. 10 attitudes and things they watch out for are:

1. Size: Guys seem to be particular about a ladies size but it varies. Some guys prefer a slim stature while some prefer the extra size. Whichever you are,a lady should always keep fit. And the size of a lady shouldn’t be a criteria for true love because we can always help each other and there is more to the inner beauty.

2.Attitude: Ladies varies in terms of temperance. Some are lousy,some are gentle,while some are in between. Men tend to observe ladies attitudes and
reaction to situation. Men get pissed off by a lousy lady. Ladies should be reserved. Ladies watch out.

3. Intelligence: Men get turned on by intelligence. No man would want to associate himself with a dull lady. A man would want to feel secured with a
lady that can help him out with issues in life.

4. Prudency: How do you spend your money? A guy would not want a lady that will spend his money on acquiring luxuries. He would not want a woman that frequently asks for money and cannot be prudent with her spending.

5. Asset or liability: A man wants an illustrious woman. A woman that thinks ahead,that sees into the future and can maintain the family. A man
wants a woman that would be an asset not a liability. Get something doing.

6. Nagging attitude: A man hates a woman that nags at every situation. It can be very frustrating and depressing for a man. Though, men can be very stubborn at times but wisdom is the key.

7. Pride: Ladies, keep your ego down. Drop your shoulders. Men wants a simple lady not the one that brags about every little thing. Men love to be
in control.

8. Lifestyle: Men do not want to flock around fake girls. He needs a real complete woman to call his own. Mind your lifestyle.

9. Social Life: Men do not want ladies that spend their time partying all day. You don’t have to visit all the clubs and joints around. It only makes you look irresponsible.

10. Love for God: A responsible man don’t want to end up with a lady who don’t ever want to be close to God. Some ladies hate guys who work for God. This could be a turnoff if he notices you don’t care about his or your spiritual life.

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