10 Ways On How To Get And Maintain A Ladies\’ Attention


Getting a ladies' attention is really a big job to do. Its more than preparing for an interview especially when you have just an opportunity of meeting her. Ladies respond mostly based on their moods or motives. Let me break it down. Tayo can accept an offer to know you because she is in a lively mood at that point and she could also like to know you because you look rich especially if you have got a ride.

Most ladies love the fantasy of being with a rich guy so it could be easy for a good looking guy with a nice ride to get in a conversation with a hot and sexy babe, *winks*. Not all ladies are moved by what you have got so you need look beyond that too.

Every lady differ with their choice of men and personality so don't be too quick to use all method with different ladies. The most important thing to remember is to always respect ladies. Let's take the step one by one now:

1. Look Good Personally:
Don't keep up with a nasty look and expect a decent answer. A man should look fit and neat. Am not a fan of dreads, tattoos, earrings and the likes so it can be a turn off for some. You shouldn't sag that trousers too, it was meant for the waist not below the waist. When you look good and smell nice, it can help to create a good impression.

2. Approach Her Politely:
The way you approach a lady matters. You shouldn't talk like you have a right over her or you are talking to your little kid at home. You can use words like "Good evening" or "Hi, please can you spare me some minute?" Or any cool word. You don't use words like "Hey baby" or " My wife". You are sending the wrong signal. Some even go ahead by hissing to get a ladies' attention, it is wrong. You don't sit at a corner and call her like a snake to come with you. Be a man and do your chase.

3. Use Good Introduction:
When starting the conversation after she stops to hear you out, make use of the right choice of words. Be a bit funny and intelligent. Create a good discussion line. You can tell her she looks good with the colours or hair. Don't be too flirty with your words though. She would think you are flattering. Be real and let it be over to her to give a good response.

4. Don't Be Desperate:
If you try talking it and she still doesn't give you space, then change your approach line or you just leave her. You don't have to kill yourself over everyone but its worth the trial. Don't act too clingy. If she is someone that stays around or you see often, you can leave her for another time.

5. Don't Pressure Her:
If you are able to get her contact, your next works starts. You mustn't call her every second. You shouldn't be too fast about what you want. Try to observe her and know what she likes so you don't end in the wrong side.

6. Ask About Her Welfare And Family:
There is nothing bad if you ask about her family. It makes you look serious and responsible. Whenever you make a call to her, ask about her day, her life , what she ate etc. It shows you are concerned about her well being as well.

7. Get Interested In Her Goals And Vision:
A lady likes a man who can put his heart in her life and what she does. Ask her what goals she have and be ready to show your support. Be willing to help her progress. She may have been feeling lonely but when you prove to be of help and interested, she feels you would help her grow in life.

8. Be A Good Friend And Listener:
Everyone wants a good friend who can always listen to them. We all want to relate well with people and feel accepted. Be her friend, don't be clingy. Don't act like a desperate toaster. Be willing to talk to her and listen to her. Be willing to advise her and scold her when she is wrong. Try to know her friends too. In the process, you can ask if she has a relationship stylishly so that you would know how hard your work would get.

9. Remind Her Of Your Interest Casually:
You don't have to pressure her but sometimes be ready to tell her your mind politely. Let her know how much value she would add if she is in your life. Don't sound too desperate but also show your commitment. Be romantic and caring too.

10. Take Her On A Date And Buy Her Gifts:
There is nothing wrong in organising a date once in a while. You can go to an eatery or relaxation centre where you can see beautiful things and have more time to talk. Getting a lady ain't a day job. You need to get down deep into her if you want her to be crazy about you.

Hope you have learnt more. What do you think?

Thanks for Reading.

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