20 Differences Between Real Men And Small Boys

The truth is not all men you see around are matured in the real sense, some are just hefty and handsome but lack the right attitude of a Real Man. This article is not just to insult men but to make them reflect on their character. Real Women lines will be posted soon too.
1. Real Men Handles Things maturely while small boys flare up over little things.
2. Real Men don\’t count accomplishment as having sex with different women, they feel fulfilled when they can make their woman happy.
3. Real men always create time for their women, they don\’t allow their work, career or personal interest swallow their time up.
4. Real men don\’t go about breaking women\’s heart. They rather mend it.
5. Small boys asks for pictures with no clothes. Real men asks for natural pictures with no make up, Lmao.
6. Real Men never stop finding ways to make their woman happy. Small boys get tired along the line and begin to fade out in love.
7. Real Men are never too focused on your physical appearance. They are more concerned about your inward beauty.
8. Real Men don\’t pile up properties in the name of success. They impact positive things into people\’s life.
9. Real men don\’t hit their girlfriends for every provocation. They know the right words to use to settle things amicably.
10. Real men don\’t just go into a relationship for pleasure reasons. They look for a union for companionship and fulfilling God\’s purpose in their life.
11. Real men know that no one man is more \”real\” than another. With this knowing comes the kind of assuredness that reads as someone who doesn\’t have something to prove.
12. Men don\’t tolerate being disrespected, and don\’t tolerate people who disrespect others either. They\’re
responsible and willing, but can be taken care of when they know they need to be. They apologize when they are wrong and stand their ground when they\’re not.
13. Real Men know and understand the place of God in their lives, family and Relationships. A man seeks a woman who is after the Lord and helps her grow. He helps her to mature her God given talents and builds her up. A boy
seeks earthly riches. A boy will
eventually pull you away from God\’s
14. Real Men care for their mothers and continue with the care to their wife and children.
15. Real Men will respect your purity while boys will let their desires over ride you.
16. A Real Man is responsible and willing to provide with the right means. A boy always gives excuses.
17. A Real Man prepares for the future. A boy celebrates in the moment and never plans.
18. A Real man is strong in handling issues. He supports his woman instead of crying with her. He gives her reasons to smile.
19. Real Men stay faithful. They don\’t have time to look for other women because they are too busy looking for new ways to love their own.
20. A Real Man don\’t lie about everything. They tell the truth and face the consequences.
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