3 Things That Comes To A Man\’s Mind When Approaching A Lady


Men have a really good sense of judgment in dealing with ladies. No matter how serious a man can be, some men still feel they can play around also aside seeking for serious relationship.

After talking with some few men, I was able to discover that men approach ladies for various reasons depending on the personal self.

I used to feel it was more of two reasons but I have learnt to understand that its more than two reasons.

Men approach ladies with some motives in their mind and they are:

1. For Pleasure:
Some guys approach a lady for pleasure reasons. They just want to have fun, that's all. They need you for sex or more of that. They could decide to tell you at the first meeting or as time goes on. Some men introduces it along the line. The way you are dressed determines the way you will be addressed. If you dress in a hot sexy way, you should know what you are desiring for and sure you would expect anything.

2. For A Relationship:
Most men approach ladies for the sake of creating a relationship. They just want to feel secure with someone. Some men just need some help and decide to go on some part time relationships. They don't mind acting committed for that period or so. This is what happens this days. Some men don't even know what they want so all they do is to start a relationship with any attractive lady they meet. They can date as much as 3 or more ladies at a time. They can even date 20 ladies in a year or more. Some men mistake lust for love and try to build a relationship for it. The fact that you are Adebayo's girlfriend doesn't mean he would marry you. Maybe you are just one of his part time material not wife material. You had better find out your place in a man's heart ladies before you start feeling like Romeo and Juliet in your mind.

3. For Marriage:
Some men approaches a lady because they have this feeling she would make a good wife. Well some ladies graduate from being just a part time girlfriend to a wife material while some don't go beyond that. Only God knows who we would end up with. A man that is really responsible and knows what he want and is ready for commitment wouldn't toy with dating different women. He would just observe well and go for the best by God's standard.

If you are in a relationship presently, evaluate yourself, is it just about the sex and nothing more or he has never discussed anything serious with you? Start making plans to find a better arms to rest in.

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