4 Ways To Attract Your Dream Partner 2


In the last post, I shared on two ways to attract your dream partner and gave deeper understanding on each of the points. You can read it here: 4 ways to attract your dream partner 1

After positioning yourself and doing some great packaging as mentioned in the last post, let\’s dive into preparing towards attracting a dream a partner.


1. Before you can attract the right partner, model yourself into one. It\’s all starts with you. Focus on becoming.

2. Don\’t seek for a partner desperately because of age, family and all forms of pressure. It\’s going to be your life alone and the world will laugh at your mistakes after pushing you.

3. Become intentional with your thought life. Be intentional with your thought life concerning love, relationships and the opposite sex regardless of your experiences. Differentiate between experiences and people.

Your thoughts determines who you accept into your life. If you want to conquer your world, you must first learn how to control your mind. Your projection, lifestyle, decision, growth is as a result of your thoughts. You may not be able to control those who get attracted to you because of environment, work life, etc because you determine those you accept into your life.

So if you don\’t believe that your marriage can work regardless of all the divorce flying around, you may not get it.

Beyond believing lies your actions towards your belief. Before you can experience a physical victory of what you want, you must first experience a mental victory.

4 .Create a magical routine for yourself.

Create new habits. Lost appetite for God? Spend more time with Him than feeling that way. Don\’t look fashionable? Learn how to and adjust. All these anyone that comes will manage you excuse ain\’t good. Keep upgrading. You are not fit? Develop an exercise routine. You can\’t hold intelligent conversations? Read wide and expose your mind. Use affirmations or vision boards. Own your mornings. In the ATTRACT YOUR DREAM PARTNER PROGRAM, I shared on different ways to create affirmations and vision boards.

5. Let God lead you.

I feel a lot of people have gotten tired of God\’s idea. Living daily without the consciousness of God. Idolatry is everywhere and god\’s can be anything that you place higher than God. Don\’t start praying about him or her when you meet and the feelings bubble, start now. Pray it out before he or she comes. God cares about you. Have the end in mind. Define the kind of relationship you want to have in your mind.

Beyond just choosing anyone, remember that you need to have a great relationship that can lead to a great marriage where you can build a great family with the right parenting tools because the Family is the foundation of the society. For better homes, we need better you and I.

It is also necessary to be sensitive to God in times of Forgiveness. Being bitter about your parents or ex can affect your chances of a better relationship.

The last section will be on:


1. Have an ideal list of what you want.

Choose values over features. Features includes tall, dark, handsome, beautiful, cute, curvy etc but values are better and should be primary e.g Teachable, Loyal, Commitment, Trust, Caring, Love for God and people etc. Let attraction bring you closer but let the values determine who stays. This was discussed extensively in the ATTRACT YOUR DREAM PROGRAM.
2. Take note of red flags and don\’t excuse them.

If he slaps the wall when angry, he will slap your face soon. If she holds your neck outside because of a woman or argument, she will do more in marriage. If she is always asking for money for hair and bag without talking of investment, odi kwa risky o. If he doesn\’t respect his or your family now, it won\’t change. If he or she keeps defending their bad attitude without willingness to change, hmmmmmm. If he or she after 3 years of dating can ascertain when they will settle down, bondage o. If he or she doesn\’t trust you or can\’t earn the trust, it\’s a problem o. This was discussed extensively in the ATTRACT YOUR DREAM PROGRAM.

3. Build friendship first.

Don\’t be in a hurry to date. Don\’t let your emotions lead you. Be logic. Ask questions and watch out for patterns and character.

Love is not blind, you chose to close your eyes. Open your eyes for freedom. Pick wisely.

It is good to have mentors too. You need someone that has someone they respect like a mentor or an elderly person.

In case you haven\’t read the first part of this post, check it here.

Don\’t forget to join the next set of ladies that want to move from being hurt and confused to being healed and attractive in the ATTRACT YOUR DREAM PARTNER PROGRAM.

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