5 Signs She Won\’t Be A Good Wife Material

There are some ladies that you should watch out for, notbecause they don’t fall in love too but you might haveproblems with them in the future but if you know you can copewith them,then you can carry on.

1.A PROUD LADY:You have to be careful here with them. Some ladies are soproud that you even see it clearly in them but yet we say am inlove. Its not a crime to be but you need to watch out. A woman that would not be submissive to you isn’t good enough. Awoman should have respect for her husband. If she helped youwith finance and she keeps reminding you that she was the onethat helped you in life then you need to be careful with that.You can marry her if you know you can cope.

2. AN IMPRUDENT LADY: A lady that doesn’t know how to spend the future but putsthem all into material possession isn’t a good material. Awoman should know when to control her spending. It shouldnot be about flowing with the trend.

3. AN UNBELIEVER: A lady that does not know christ,how do you intend to copewith that. A woman should be able to run to God in times oftroubles,needs and a form of worship to but if all she does isvisit the herbalist etc then you are doom to fall with her exceptGod wants to help you.

4. AN IMPROVIDENT LADY:This is talking about women who don’t plan for the future. Awoman should assist you in your dreams in life not be aburden and liability on your neck. If everything she talksabout makes you see no goal ahead of her then you shouldrethink. She may just be interested in depending on yourmoney alone.

5. A LAZY WOMAN:If a lady in our time now can’t sweep talkless of cook,thenwhat’s the use of the African woman. You may opt for anhousemaid but it is always advisable for a woman to do herhusband’s cooking. Except if the man agrees to it. But pleasedon’t marry her and except her to change, if she hasn’t been doing it before marriage,you may find it difficult to change her especially if she is the lazy type.

Peace!!!! ..

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