While I understand your eagerness to settle down and be with a partner; I should also clarify that your desire to be in a relationship shouldn\’t supersede your desire to have a successful and fulfilling marriage. It\’s better to marry blissfully late than to marry regretfully early.

Here are five clear signs that you are with the wrong person.

You feel an unease in your heart.

Never ignore this feeling. Instead, confront it to get clarity. Why do you feel that way? Have you seen or heard anything that is bringing this unease? This should encourage you to seek God’s face and speak to a counsellor immediately. Your intuition might be alerting you of something important.

You have caught your partner cheating but they gave a good defense.

If you have had arguments over any suspicious behaviour, you should not sweep the issue under the carpet. Understand that this is a clear case of weak personal boundaries, a weak moral system, and a lustful addiction. At this point, you need to carefully examine all aspects of the situation and take a stand.

You are experiencing a disconnection in terms of beliefs, values, emotional attraction, and spiritual alignment.

Have you found out that you both argue over everything that matters to you? It feels like you are forcing your opinion and value on your partner. Your partner seems to feel that you are too unrealistic about certain value systems and this makes you feel awkward. This is a clear sign that you may get disconnected in marriage over this.

The relationship draws you away from your faith and leads you into deeper sin.

Evil communication corrupts good manners. If you have to keep begging for forgiveness over sinful habits that you both commit, this is a sign that you need to set clear boundaries well and question your values. If the relationship has become an idol or your partner keeps manipulating you to let go of your faith anchors, then you better re-evaluate the relationship.

Your partner is hiding your relationship or important details about themselves.

Do you find your partner always emphasizing that you keep the relationship a secret? Why? You deserve to know. Or your partner keeps avoiding important conversations, you should question this act.

It\’s better to clarify gray areas in order to reduce your chances of getting things wrong. To do this, it\’s important to first be sure of who you are and what you want. A close relationship with God will empower you to discern darkness before it gets too close. Make it a goal to work on yourself. Reading \”Uncovering Red Flags\” can help you understand red flags better and make a healthier marital choice.

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