Incase you missed the first part, you can read it here: 4 Bitter Truths You Must Consider About Yourself Before Going Into A Relationship : Part 1Click here for part 1 5. Can You Stand Being Corrected?:Most of the times our ego plays some pranks on us. We find it difficult to accept our fault. We simply want to feel we are always right and we don’t see reasons why we should be dribbled. Even after being wrong, can you stand be scolded. Some of us can’t withstand this, we get moody, angry or the likes( I think I am guilty in this aspect too) so we are talking to ourselves including me. You need to be able to act wrong even when you are right. Accept your fault when you are wrong and also apologise when things go wrong. Like it or not, there would always be issues between the both of you, you need to be able to handle it maturedly. 6. Do you have the Spirit Of Responsibility?:As you grow old, you begin to do things your own way,take decisions and make choices. When you are in a relationship, you need to be able to carry the weight. Its only a matured mind that lift the burdens and throw them out like its nothing. No childish play here because its not a playing ground. Accept being a man and act like a lady. 7. Do you have the Spirit Of Continuity?:I have heard people say they get tired of things easily. Some people run out of love so fast if it gets too boring. You need to understand that sometimes relationship get hot and cold and issues will always come up, it doesn’t mean you should opt out. You just have to keep working towards making it grow and be strong.
If you know you can accept faults, make things work, live by some personal principles to making your relationship work, Get it on then!!!!
Be Real!. Be Wise!!. Be You!!!

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