8 Attributes Of An Husband By Bayo Osinowo

Bayo Osinowo has been able to break down the attributes of an husband with the acronyms. H – Honesty / Proverbs 13:5 U – Understanding / Colossians 1:10 S – Security / Nehemiah 4:15 B – Blameless / Philippians 2:15 A – Authority / Ephesians 5:23 N – Nourish (to cherish and to tend to) / Ephesians 5:25 D – Devoted / Ephesians 5:2 S – Sexuality / Song of Solomon 7:10 / Genesis 2:25 BAYO OSINOWO is a bible teacher, dedicated minister and a reformer. He is the Founder/ President of Divine Impact Networks (worldwide), a youth whose message has brought the reality of the divine life to the hearts of many. People have been affected by his online blogs, outreaches, daily nuggets on twitter and journals. He studied Management and Computer Studies in Wisconsin International University College, Ghana. For Souls, Bayo Osinowo (@BayoNuggets Author| Blogger| Compère| As simple as A. B. C. Passionately using Social Media for Salvation. Follow @BayoNuggets on Twitter, Facebook, Keek, Ask.fm and Instagram.

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