Resisting The Lures Of Sin By Bayo Osinowo

1. Don\’t change yourself to win someone\’s heart. Stay true and you\’ll find someone who likes you for being you. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
2. If he isn\’t willing to wait, he isn\’t worth your time. Vice versa… True love isn\’t based on hormones or feelings. Stay focused on Jesus! #ResistingTheLureOfSin
3. You only end up in a meaningless or sinful relationship when you do your own thing. Wait on God, He won\’t lead you astray. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
4. Never let someone replace God in your life. Only keep people close to you if they\’re pushing you closer to Him. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
5. Why settle for temporary pleasure with some random person when God wants to give you covenant and permanent love in a Godly marriage? #ResistingTheLureOfSin
6. Don\’t let that dream guy/girl be the reason you walk away from Jesus. No one is that important. Stay focused on your walk with Christ. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
7. God\’s plan isn\’t for you to sin. Don\’t settle for anyone asking you to compromise or leave your first love, Jesus. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
8. Being a man isn\’t about sleeping with many women. Run away from nights of temporary pleasure like Joseph did, seek a woman to love forever. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
9. If you don\’t want to be treated like meat, don\’t make your body a menu. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
10. Chasing after men/women will never fully satisfy you, your hunger will just grow and grow as you go deeper and deeper into sin. #ResistingTheLureOfSin
BAYO OSINOWO is a bible teacher, dedicated minister and a reformer. He is the Founder/ President of Divine Impact Networks (worldwide), a youth whose message has brought the reality of the divine life to the hearts of many. People have been affected by his online blogs, outreaches, daily nuggets on twitter and journals. He studied Management and Computer Studies in Wisconsin International University College, Ghana. For Souls, Bayo Osinowo (@BayoNuggets Author| Blogger| Compère| As simple as A. B. C. Passionately using Social Media for Salvation. Follow @BayoNuggets on Twitter, Facebook, Keek, and Instagram.

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