All The Tweets From September Edition Of #SinglesDate \”Effective Communication In Relationships\” By @NikeAdedokun

Lord as we start, May I tweet your words and may Your words spring through our hearts. #SinglesDate\”
I want to say thank you again to @bayonuggets for gracing our platform. #SinglesDate\”
1. Am Adenike Adedokun, @NikeAdedokun. On this platform with a very special friend@bayonuggets. #SinglesDate
2. Starting from our family to our friends. Neighbours to the society. Even to God. How well do we communicate?#SinglesDate
3. And down to our relationships/marriage. This is just a part of us that breaks us too.#SinglesDate
4. Sometimes we just wish we could spill it out. You wish you could envelope your feelings into another arms. #SinglesDate
5. Relationships needs some ingredients to make it sweetened. You copy that?#SinglesDate
6. We got the friendship key. It entails communication, trust, understanding, patience, maturity and the list goes on and on. #SinglesDate\”
7. We all want to be heard. We want to share our feelings. We need to talk to someone. We want to be heard.#SinglesDate #SinglesDate\”
8. Communication is a vital part of a relationship. It to be nutured well. #SinglesDate\”
9. A relationship without effective communication will simply break down. #SinglesDate\”
10. Just as wings is to bird, so is communication pertinent in relationships. #SinglesDate\”
11. Communication is a two way thing. There should be a sender and a receiver. #SinglesDate\”
12. It should involve a emphathy listening. Not by force but with pleasure. #SinglesDate\”
13. As a sender, For every information you are sending, make sure your approcah is right and your motives are clear. #SinglesDate\”
14. For a receiver, you should listen with not just your ears but with other parts of your body. #SinglesDate\”
15. We can encourage our partners by giving bodily gestures while we listen. #SinglesDate\”
16. Sometimes you could be too quick to judge on what your partner meant but to avoid this, ask questions to clear your minds. #SinglesDate\”
17. As a lady, I would say that if you want your Man to listen to you, then you must talk to him at the right time. #SinglesDate\”
18. Keeping malice isn\’t the best. It is always better to express yourself if you have something in mind but do it with wisdom. #SinglesDate\”
19. Sometimes, its better to just apologize rather than argue all through. Observe when you are trying to defend. #SinglesDate\”
20. If you have a partner that is quick to anger, then learn to calm down with them. Don\’t try to prove a point. #SinglesDate\”
22. Proverbs 15:1 says \” A soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous words stirs up anger #SinglesDate\”
23. Learn to say \”I\’m Sorry\” and \”Thank you\” to your partner at appropriate times. It saves a whole lot of issues. #SinglesDate\”
24. Long distance relationships require closer communication. Create time to communicate well and always share more. #SinglesDate\”
25. Don\’t let your busy routine be a barrier to effective communication in your relationship. #SinglesDate\”
26. No matter what, never let your communication gap break down. #SinglesDate\”
27. My partner @bayonuggets has done much justice to the topic. My job was just to add little to his points.\” #SinglesDate\”
28. There is nothing like \”he doesn\’t like talking or she loves keeping to herself\”, well thats the beginning of a gap in Communication.\” #SinglesDate\”
29. A person who truly loves you would always endeavour to talk to and with you. #SinglesDate\”
30. Is your relationship about to crumble. The fire isn\’t there anymore? Why not reignite your communication line again. Quit been too busy.\” #SinglesDate\”
31. Communication requires great wisdom. Desire it and keep it. #SinglesDate\”
32. You can either build your relationship or pluck it down. #SinglesDate\”
33. It takes two to tango. Make sure you are both putting effort in that relationship. #SinglesDate\”
34 . May you have a sweet and effective communication line in your relationships. #SinglesDate\”
35. This is where I would draw the curtain for tonight. Wow! It was awesome being here. #SINGLESDATE\”
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See you there!!!!

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