How To Discover Your Partner\’s Love Language (Part 3)

We have been on the series of Love languages.
Knowing your partner’s love language is a great deal that can help you both. Click here to read on the first part of it: Words Of Affirmation
I have also discussed on the second part too, click here to read :Acts Of Service
I would be talking on Quality Time today. QUALITY TIME
Some people always prefer to spend time with their loved ones and they expect their partner to do that in return too.
No matter how busy you are, if what your partner wants is your time, then it means you need to be able to create some time for him/her from your spare time. I am guilty here too. Icould get so busy sometimes and expect my partner to understand the mode I am, so am learning too. Aside for the love language stuff, it is so normal that you should always endeavour to create time for your partner. Even in your busy moments, create little times too.
Love is sacrifice so it means, no matter what, you should make it a duty to try to have some special nice time with your partner.
When you keep forming busy, they begin to have this feeling like you don’t care about them. You might fight over this often. If your partner always want to spend time with you, it means he or she would want such gesture in return.
For this kind of person, you just need to create time out of no time to make things work. In this way, you save yourself a lot of stress and less fight. And you must be consistent with it too.
The times you spend should be memorable too. You could go with video camera, snap pictures and let it be quality. Discuss deep matters too.
Its not just about visitation, it could be online mode of communication due to distance. You would visit each othet sometimes and mostly talk online. Learn to have time for such too. It could be through BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter, Skype (for video calling) e.t.c.
The best way to know your partner’s love language is to observe what he or she loves doing most to you, then you will know how to return it back.
More to come on knowing your partner love language. We still have two more to discuss: Physical touch and Receiving gifts.

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