Do You Know Who You Are?

Different people would surely have different misconceptions and rants about you. Many of them are obviously not true, while the rest might not be virtually true. In short tale, they all are giving a definition of \”Who You Are\”  What constipate me more is having a self-definition.

Have you tried answering this self-explanatory but complex question: \’Who Am I?\’. I\’m sure no one can answer this correctly because a reflection can\’t be seen not until a mirror is used. On this perspective, the so-called mirror to see your self constitute of is four revealing questions whose answers are ultimately \”Who You Are\”.

1. What is your identity?     The plight of knowing your identity solemnly enables you to have that thought of uniqueness and been specially made amongst over 7 billion human creatures on earth. There\’s a gem of greatness buried deep down in you. All you need to do is to figure it out.

2. How do people persive yourself?   When I mean persive, I\’m sure some would bluntly interprete it to be the odour people smell from their body. Rather, Its the compliments or remarks people rant about you. At a point in time, that optimistic feelings would emerge and it will develop the passion and zeal for deporting something new and fantastic. The fantasy and extent of perfection of what has been practised would be judged by people. But never let their judgement tend to pull you. Instead, let it push your imagination and believe.

3. If money wasn\’t a constraint, what will you do with your time? Monetarily, the world is categorized into three major groups: the rich, average and the poor. Money is the major factor for limitation or restriction to virtually all the poor and some average grouped people in the society. Let\’s now imagine everyone is abundantly rich, would you have spent your time making more money after having it in abundance? \’Lailai\’. You\’ll rather exhaust your time doing something else with pleasure. What\’s that? \’I don\’t know oh\’. But I strongly believe you\’d have an answer to that.

4. What do you for living?  If the job you would to earn income for living isn\’t what you would have done if money wasn\’t impelling, then you need to \’finance your passion with your ambition\’\’. Good examples of act are our famous artistes. Only few of them studied music in school. Many studied engineering, computer science. mass communication and so on, but later swerve into the path of their passion.  After taking the prominent four questions into consideration, then people would know you to be that person you know you are.

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