Sex And The City –(Part 1)

Sex is a spiritual bond between two people that are *married*. Sex is an act unmarried youth do without feeling any guilt for.

Bode and yetunde met at a party and decided to lodge at a hotel at a late hour. They were both drunk and sex wasn\’t an act they would miss. They had sex all through the night , yeah, they really enjoyed themselves.They woke up the next day, saw nothing bad in what they had done and parted with each other complimentary cards.

They kept communicating and seeing each other. They always had great sex when they saw, and it kept on and on. Yetunde never talked about pregnancy because she was on pills and Bode never thought it would come up because he felt she wasn\’t a kid and should be able to take care of herself.

Bode and yetinde saw sex as a normal act. They did it to help each other, *friends with beneift*.That\’s what so many people do and think they are in a relationship.

Jumoke and Olamide have been lovebirds from 100 level. They were never apart and they always spent quality time with each other. Olamide deflowered her while she was in 200 level and has always been the one on her since then. He has promised her heaven and earth. He said he wants to marry her but he is just using her on a school part time basis. She got to know on the convocation day when his fiancee came with his parent. She was devastated and almost fainted when the mother introduced Yeni as Ola\’s faincee.

His mother never knew they were dating. Olamide only mentioned her as a friend and she has always greeted her on the phone as a mere school close friend too.That news alone spoilt her beautiful day. Olamide got to know about the introduction only when they were consoling her about it. She explained to Ola\’s Mum how he had promised to engage her right after school. She was eager to meet his parent but met another sad news.

What a pity for her!!! They have been love birds for 4years for fun. She thought he was serious.These are some examples of how some people have used love or friendship as a means to an end.Jessica was only interested in Femi because of his money. She kept warming his bed as long as he pays her bills. She did this for 2years and was able to get an apartment and a car from him. She even opened her boutique with his money too. She just kept giving him lies and he always fell for it.

He loved her but she loved his money. He was doomed the day he caught her in bed with his bestfriend in her house. She wanted to get a taste from Bidemi, femi\’s close pal. He was also a rich guy. He was her new catch and she had the intention of dumping Femi for Bidemi.

These are what some ladies do to get money.Sleeping around and sleeping for fun, money, pleasure etc.Its not too late to retrace your steps. You can get busy with your life rather than depend on a man. You should abstain from sex totally.

The Bibe says that \” the bed should be undefiled\”

In 1Corinthians 7: 1-2 says :1\” Now for the matters you wrote about: It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.

”2 But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, andeach woman with her own husband.\”

The bible says we should avoid it completely and if we can\’t , we should rather get married.Stop selling your glory for fun.

Watch out for part 2.

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