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I just felt the burden of sharing my predicament with readers of your article. I sincerely hope you will show my note as I typed it.

Just call me Akins (shortened by us). A Nigerian from the South-West. Now 53rd years on earth. A father of 7 and a barren dad.

Parents are the unsung heroes of every person that has ever done anything great.
But my own case is diametrically opposite that.
Let's say I am the mighty hero who has contributed immensely to the set backs they have had in the past and possibly in the present.
No child can live happily when he or she grew up without the love of the father.

Just now that I look back on my days on earth,
I'm not fulfilled. Not even when my 5 sons are 2daughters are doing great in life.
I can't boast of them because I never support them.
While they are growing up, I have always believed providing money for my family is the key to making them happy.
But I recently came across my last daughter note.
She wrote the note a week before her heading which will take place this Saturday 5th of April, 2014.

I realised how foolish I was
How stupid I have been
I couldn't fit into been there unsung hero
I'm the centre that couldn't hold them
A pillar that is carefree

Though I'm a well to do and an important figure in this country
While the citizens look up to me
Who is now a father of Legal practitioners, a Medical Doctor, and a Civil Engineer.
I'm never a daddy
Who could have memories of his children playing
Never a daddy who is his sons role model
I couldn't make my children term me god

Its already too late for me
For who so ever is reading this peace
I sincerely hope you won't pass through this state of mind
The feeling of unfulfilled
Even after acquiring a Doctorate Degree
Even after receiving honours

Every relationship needs us to play our role
And we need to play the role well.

There is no chance for me to regret because no matter how much time I spent regretting, nothing can rewind time.

I wasted my fatherhood
Thank God for having married a good wife who was able to fill the void I don't care about.

Please and please cherish every relationship in your possession.

From me to you all
Be bless


  1. This is touching! Very emotional.
    Anyway, I don’t think it’s too late, I strongly believe something can still be done!

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