How To Differentiate Between A Serious Guy And A Player

So many guys are out there with different kinds of intention. Some are just there to test anything on skirts. You need to be able to shine your eyes well to spot the difference.

It might not be an easy job to differentiate because most guys are players till they want to settle down. Some remain players even in marriage. Some are just serious minded but they are rare.How do you spot them?:

1. A serious guy would be willing to meet your family and introduce you to his too. Mind you, so many players would do this too but not all will go deep with the family thing. Some might introduce you and still play you, so you need to be smart about it too. If a guy decides to meet your pastor and family without any argument but with joy in his heart, then he is likely serious.

2. He would be ready to push your career: A man who wants the best for you would always talk about your future, goals and visions about life. He would help you pursue your career. He would give you the support you could need. He would be ready to assist you finacially, physically, mentally and spiritually.  A player would only want to talk about the present, about sex , about unnecessary things.

3. A Real guy would be ready to share in your faith too: A man that is ready to be committed with you would share and support your faith. If you are christains, he would encourage you to go to church, would even fix some spiritual programmes for the both of you. A player would get tired of the church talk and would be prefer you being with him or talking other topics.

4. A serious guy would want defile you by force. He would respect your body and your wish till the right time. A player is all about sex at all times. He doesn\’t want to hear your excuses. He doesn\’t care about any consequences. He is even ready to tell you to go for abortion, if you don\’t believe that, you can test him with a pregnancy news if you have both been having sex and see if he won\’t run or tell you to abort it. A Real man would clain his responsibility. A serious guy would wait dear. You don\’t need to cage him with sex, he would still run off if he wants.

5. A Serious guy wouldn\’t force you to do all the chores and work in his house. A player would use like an housegirl. A real man can also need your help but he won\’t fight with you over it. He would take you as an helper and appreciate the little you do.

6. A Serious Man would plan his future to you. He would insists on when you both would get married and work towards it. He won\’t just keep acting like there is no better end to the relationship. A player would either avoid the topic or let you know he can\’t marry you. A player would not be proud to call you his wife to be. 

7. A Serious guy is someone who God has approved for you. If you are the prayerful type, God will always speak to you in one way or the other. You need to be alert and hear.

A player can do all the listed things and change later. So you need to be careful about it all.

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