How To Discover Your Partner\’s Love Language (Part 2)

I formerly talked on Words of Affirmation as one of the love languages among the 5 languages. Click Here To Read It The 5 primary love languages are: 1.Words of Affirmation 2. Acts Of Services 3. Quality Time 4. Physical Touch 5. Receiving Gifts
Today, I will talk more on Acts Of Service……….
Laide keeps complaining about how Tope ignores her when she is tidying up her room during his visit. \”There was a day he came and met me fetching water, I expected him to help me with the bucket, but he didn\’t. He was only saying \”Take it easy\” , as if that was what I needed.\” Some men are just like that, they don\’t see reasons why they should help women with their chores and thats not a good mentality to build upon in marriage. The only way to create harmony in thia area is if Laide tells him politely that she would love if he offers to help when she is tidying up. She appreciates that more. Some ladies don\’t see anything wrong in that but some do.
You could try opening the car doors for her or dropping her at her house during the rain. Men, you can try going to the store to get her something you know she would need. You can help her repair spoilt items in her house etc.. Ladies, you can surprise him with his favourite meal or help him pick his clothes from the dry cleaner . Do something to spice the relationship.
Some people believe in doing something as a good way to show their love. They believe that action speaks louder than words. Even when you compliment them, they believe you should show the love more by helping them in one area or the other . Sometimes they may want you to help in the area of chores etc. For this kind of people, you need to observe the services they want and do it. If you don’t, they would believe you don’t love them enough.
They always want to offer their help and they want you to do the same. Especially for the married, if your wife wants you to always help with a particular work in the house, anytime you do it,she will feel loved. The day you stop doing it, she will sense something wrong. If you have noticed that when you help your partner in one area or the other, he/ she is always thrilled about it, then you need to keep doing it.
Try and find out your partner’s love language and build on it. It can help. More to come on other love languages.
If you missed the previous one. Click on the link above to direct you for more understanding.

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