How To Maintain A Relationship PART 1

Have you ever been in love or in a relationship that didn\’t last as long as you would have liked?
Do you remember how you felt when you first fell in love?
Do you remember how you felt as you began to fall deeply in love with each other?
  Didn\’t you want this feeling to last forever? 
But over time things changed, didn\’t they? 
Then slowly and gradually, your love for each other began to disappear right before your eyes.

Then all of a sudden one day it seems like you have waken up from a deep drug-induced sleep.  And when you looked at your mate this time, you might have asked yourself the question:
Who is this person?
How could I have ever fallen in love with him or her?
What could have gotten into me? 
Well something actually did get into you that you did not even know about or understand. 

Later on, I will tell you exactly what it was.  But before I tell you about my amazing discovery, I would like to tell you how I came to understand so much about the process of falling in love and how to keep love alive Forever.

Some years back, I was blessed to be able to date my closed friend and just like all new relationships, we were so madly in love with each other.  Then for the next months, I unknowingly began to get an education in Advanced Relationship Management . The reason I call it this is because just like so many other couples all over the world starting their lives out together, we were deeply in love with each other.  I am sure you know the feeling I am talking about.  I\’m talking about all those wonderful feelings you get when you finally meet the one special person you feel is your Eternal Soul Mate.  I\’m talking about the person that makes your heart race at just the thought of them.  I\’m talking about the person that makes you tingle from head to toe.  I\’m talking about the person that makes your stomach feel weak when you think about those special moments only the two of you share.  When you are in love with someone, not a day goes by that you don\’t call each other 2-3 times a day just to say, I Love You, I Want You, or I Need You In My Life Forever.   As a matter of fact, when you initially fall in love, everything you do in life is done in an effort to make the other person in your life a little bit happier.  That\’s what being In love will do to you.

The Secrets To Making Love Last Forever
Yes, in the beginning, I really thought that simply being in love was all it took to make a relationship last forever.  But what I gradually learned over the period was that maintaining a happy fulfilling long-term relationship required having certain skills and an understanding that neither one of us had thou we thought we do.  The same situation exists for millions of other couples all over the world who start out deeply in love and over time, the love they once shared gradually disappears.  It is so sad that we spend our entire lives getting an education in all kinds of other subjects, except in the one area of our lives that has so much impact and importance on our entire life for as long as we live.  The reason I am saying this is because it is the relationship that results in families being created and children being born.  This is simply a part of the Cycle of Life. However, due to the fact most people have so little of an understanding of the dynamics of what it takes to maintain and cultivate a healthy, happy, long-term relationship, most relationships or marriages do not last, forever.  And when a couple breaks up, especially if they have children.  The children are the ones who suffer the greatest loss.  Which is so sad.  What is even sadder is the fact that most every relationship starts off the same way with a couple who is so deeply in love with each other.  However, if the couple knew the Secrets you are about to learn, they would have the opportunity to make love last, forever.

Well, as I began to realize the critical nature of the dilemma, I was in, which was the realization that I did not know what I needed to know in order to keep love alive forever, I then began doing some very extensive research into why people fall in love and what was needed in order to stay in love forever.  In order to do this, I began reading every book I could find on the subject of love and relationships.  I spent hours and hours and months and months reading everything I could find in bookstores, or in the library.  I did this for long.   Having lots of deep and painful conversations with my parents and other couples who had been married for at least 40-50 years. I also attended all kinds of marriage seminars and marriage counseling sessions.

My Very Painful Relationship Was In Trouble
Well the good news is because of my desire to learn all I could about what makes relationships work and why they usually fail, as well as to try to save my own painful relationship . I learned many, many very interesting things you need to know in order to save your relationship or marriage.  The bad news is that even though I learned many new and interesting things about why most relationships fail as well as how to keep love alive forever, I was still unable to save my own relationship from ending in breakup.
Now, you might be asking yourself how could I have spent so much time and put forth so much effort to learn all I have learned over the long period and still my relationship ended in breakup?  Well the answer to that question is that It Takes Two People Working Together with enough commitment to make it work.  As well as having the same wants and needs in order to maintain a healthy, fulfilling relationship.  Yes, thats right!  It takes two people who have parallel wants and needs in order to have a fighting chance at making the relationship last forever.  But that is only a part of the Secret.  The rest is yet to come.

Because even if a couple doesn\’t have the exact same wants and needs, they should at least have the ability to communicate their way through their issues or disagreements.  In order to do this, they must also have the commitment and enough desire to work at making the relationship work.  But, as you probably already know, these days it is much easier to end the relationship and move on to someone new, than it is to work through all of the painful issues most couples deal with from day to day. Thanks for reading. Kindly read my next post for the concluding part (part 2 of this article).

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