How To Prepare For Another Relationship After A Break-up


A break-up is really a big deal. It can cause a lot to the heart. I still wonder why some people feel a relationship is a game where you can come in and get out.

It is only a person that lacks conscience that finds it so easy to break other people's heart freely. Some even engage in a relationship for selfish reasons knowing too well they would hurt their partner.

Going through a break up trauma isn't an easy feeling at all. So to avoid another break up, you need to follow these steps.

1. Get Over The Previous Relationship:
You need to be done with the worries and crying. Its not so easy but you can try. The hurt will surely heal. It could take days, weeks, months or years, it solely depends on how deep it was and how quickly you can take it off your mind. Let your heart be ready. Take away the previous memories. Stop talking about the person and move on.

2. Don't Use Another Relationship To Mend Your Heart:
Don't go into a relationship with someone in order to forget your ex, you will only be playing a costly game. When you allow someone else fall in love with you and you end up leaving them after you are healed, you would only be creating another heartbreak for the person. Its better you don't rush at all. You could get close to friends ,stay in their company to make you lively but don't use a person as a back up plan. It can hurt the other as well. What if you fall in love with the person and a relationship erupts again and yet crashes on the rock as a result of lack of preparedness of the heart?. You need to take your time and be at least a bit ready because love doesn't wait for anyone.

3. Let Your Mind Be Fully Ready:
You need to let yourself get very prepared. Activate your mind and tune it to another fresh relationship. Don't carry the same blocks from the previous relationship to the next one. Am sure you don't want to build the same house. You are dealing with a different Personality totally. Don't compare the old person with new one. Don't assume anything. Let your mind the fixed on the positive sides of the new relationship.

4. Let God Lead You All Through:
When entering a new relationship, you need to be careful of who you are bringing in next. You don't want to fall victim again. Sure, you don't want to cry like a baby. So its better you let God direct you on who comes next. To be sincere, its not easy to know the person but keep praying that God direct your steps to the next person. Take necessary steps and make sure you are courting and not dating.

Try these tips. Hope it helps you.


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  1. Great advice Nikki. Thumbs up! Also, don't whine and lament over the previous break up when the new person comes along. Let him/her be able to see that you have recovered from the heart break, cos' no one wants to compete with an ex.that they don't even know.

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