Is Love A Big Deal?

Sometimes, I keep wondering why and how we fall in love. Hey relax! Hold yourself and don\’t fall too deep. Fall in love with yourself first!

Is it possible to really love yourself?

It\’s a question that requires a very deep thought.

I was sharing with my friends on love languages and I made them realize that beyond the flaws we see in people, there are  ways you can love others by looking deep into what they are good at. Celebrate their strength. Make them forget their weaknesses. This means you need to also look beyond your weakness and love who you are. Do yourself a favour, and love yourself! Stop wallowing in pain. Stop the \”if I had\” and \”it\’s because\” and concentrate on \”even though\” and \”I can\”. Stop saying, if you had gone to school, you would have gotten a good job. Stop saying that it\’s because you stammer that you don\’t have friends around. Work on yourself and become a better version of YOU.

You can only love yourself wholly when you have understood the revelation behind God\’s love.

God loves you beyond your flaws and mistakes. He doesn\’t judge you by how many times you have failed but by how you stood. Click here to read on \”Is Love a feeling?\”

There is power in understanding your love languages. We all speak different languages to ourselves and we always expect a feedback that matches our interest. If your friend loves sharing something with you, then you must learn to reciprocate it. If your friend loves complimenting your looks, career, character et al, then you should get ready to do the same.

I have realised that people keep misunderstanding themselves because they don\’t know what to give and they don\’t understand how to reciprocate the love. You need to understand how much a person yearns to receive a kind of love from you.

Have you complimented your friend/partner today? Have you said that sweet words that can put a smile on a person\’s face? 

There is someone that needs you to be strong enough to show them quality love. It is love we need to survive. Reach out to a person today and tell them how much you love them. Live your life daily like it\’s the last.

A deliberate effort is needed in sharing love. Love is all about giving. 

Live healthy and stay purified!

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